Damn You Peter Pan

Dublin band Damn You Peter Pan were active from 1990 to 1997. They released 2 singles, an EP and 2 albums. The band were Paul Murnaghan (vocals, bass), Ray Lynch (guitar, keyboards) and Weg Timbs (drums). If anyone has further details on this track or the band please let us know.


Crowds (1991)


8 Responses to “Damn You Peter Pan”

  1. Thomas Erbsloh Says:

    I used to be a youth worker in Clondalkin in early 90s & have some notion that one of them (singer?) was in the gardai, stationed in Clondalkin. Not sure where I have that from, as I had near to no contact with gardai or can remember ever having been in the garda station.

  2. Ray is or was a lecturer in DIT. His nephew, Dylan, is the drummer with LGC. Don’t have much more than that.

  3. Paul was never a guard, I think that was his brother

  4. Paul still plays music and works as an artist. Current projects include http://wollow.bandcamp.com/album/memeur (solo project)
    http://breakingtunes.com/bloodyends (writes tunes and plays bass)

    As an artist next exhibition in R.H.A. Dublin Sept 4th.

  5. Years ago, on an Irish-acts edition of MTV’s 120 Minutes, they played a video of their “Isadora Duncan.” It has stayed with me for years as a memory but I have not been able to find anything else about them until now … indeed they have been my prime example of the memory gaps which overreliance on Google create!


  6. There is some info here on an old Myspace page https://myspace.com/damnyoupeterpan/videos
    Isadora Duncan was off their first cassette release, a mini album call ‘Better Days for Mrs Orange’. I have this digitized if this site wishes a copy.

  7. Good lord! This is a blast from the past! If my memory serves me right I used to see this band every weekend in The Bar beside The Central Hotel on Exchequer St Dublin. As far as I can remember they had Pogues/punk influence. They must have been good cause I went back to see them every week. In fact I think I had a conversation with the lead singer in the Jax after the gig telling him how brilliant they were!!

  8. expedient.address@gmail.com Says:

    Found this – don’t think these guys did much on the web! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6L-EUK9iSOQ

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