Cactus World News (1985 Session)


Apologies for the relative silence of late, the tape supply has dwindled somewhat so we are now reliant on excavations from the field. If you have any tapes in the attic why not dig them out and see what you can find?

As is now tradition on a bank holiday, Dan Hegarty recently dug out this Cactus World News session for Dave Fanning from the RTE archives. We had already posted one track from this session but are now reposting with the full session.

State Of Emergency (1985)

Worlds Apart (1985)

Pilots Of Beka (1985)

9 Responses to “Cactus World News (1985 Session)”

  1. “Worlds Apart” was a smash-hit here in Spain.
    Thanks for sharing these hidden-gems.

  2. Join Cactus World News on Facebook @

    Pete x

  3. Pele Abayan Says:

    Worlds apart and Years Later was a huge hit in Manila too – suwerte

  4. Paul Saint John Says:

    Their music has NEVER aged. Frank Kearns Guitar playing is futuristic even by todays standards

  5. A great band & I didn’t realise they had some success outside Ireland. I had Urban Beaches on cassette & I listened to it a lot about 20 years ago. I dug it out again a while back & was pleasantly surprised at how great an album it is

  6. Thomas Erbsloh Says:

    I`m 99% certain that the drummer (wayne Something or other) is now drumming with Damien Dempsey. I hitched from Kilkenny to Dublin to see Light A Big Fire, CWN, Aslan & some other band (I forgot who) play in the TV Club in the mid 80`s – a fundraiser for Concern (if my memory doesn`t let me down)

  7. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thomas you are correct about Wayne drumming with Damien Dempsey, more details here

  8. Cactus World News in the Savoy in Limerick was the first gig I went to. Around ’85, I was 14 or 15 and had to plead with the parents for my older sister to bring me as it was a late gig on a school night. The start of the gra for live bands.

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