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Engine Alley (1995 Session)

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Engine Alley 1995

On January 16th 1995, shortly before the release of their second album ‘Shot In The Light’ Engine Alley recorded a session for Dave Fanning. We had never heard this session before so a big thank you to Dan Hegarty for airing it once more. Engine Alley are Canice Kenealy (guitar & vocals), Brian Kenealy (guitar), Eamonn Byrne (bass) and Kenneth Rice (violin & keyboards). Jerry Fehily played drums on the session. 

Be sure to check out Dan’s 2fm show not just the Tuesday edition when he visits the archives to feature two repeat sessions; one from Dave Fanning and a second from Dan’s show.

Surprise (1995)

Innocent (1995)

I Can’t Help You (1995)

The Last One (1995)

To celebrate 25 years since the release of ‘Shot In The Light’ as part of his ‘For The Record’ series Dan recently interviewed Canice Kenealy of Engine Alley and asked him about a possible vinyl release (unlikely).

Canice Kenealy Interview (2020)

Engine Alley (1995 Acoustic Session)

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engine alley 2

From Kilkenny, Engine Alley were for this 1995 Dave Fanning acoustic session; Canice Kenealy (vocals, guitar), Brian Kenealy (guitar) and Eamonn Byrne (bass). Thanks to Michael Mee for supplying the cassette tape. Engine Alley have resumed gigging so catch them while you can.

Steal Your Money (1995)
I Spy (1995)
So Low (1995)

My Little Funhouse (1991 Session)

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Kilkenny’s My Little Funhouse were formed by Alan Lawlor (vocals), Anthony Morrissey (guitar), Brendan Morrissey (guitar), Gary Deevy (bass). They later recruited Derek Maher (drums) who left in 1993 to be replaced by Graham Hopkins (drums).

Catholic Boy (1991)

Rachel (1991)

Raintown (1991)

The Sweetest Dream (1991)

Kaydee (1997 Session)

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From Kilkenny, Kaydee were Jan Kiely (vocals), Kevin Bruce (guitar), Mark McCorry (bass) and Joey Shore (drums). Recorded in June 1997 the 2FM Fanning session tracks were ‘Once’, ‘All I Ever Wanted’, ‘Seven Days’and ‘Falling Down’. Soon after this session founder member Jan Kiely left to be replaced by Tara Egan-Langley (aka Tara Blaise) formerly of Wilde Oscars. Original member Bob Murphy (bass) had left earlier in 1997.

Seven Days (1997)

Engine Alley (Feile 1993)

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On his Sunday show of the August bank holiday weekend Dave Couse got to reminiscing about Feile 1993. It struck me that this was of course 20 years ago and I got to wondering if I didnt have some recordings from RTE 2fm of the festival. The recordings I originally had in mind were actually from Cork Rocks in 1991 but I did uncover one recording from Feile in 1993..

Engine Alley (Feile 1993)

Engine Alley – Full Steam Ahead (Hot Press, 17th Oct 1991)

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Barely two months after the release of their debut EP, Kilkenny’s finest Engine Alley achieved another milestone when Ireland’s premier music magazine Hot Press dedicated a full page to the band. As part of RTE’s TV50 celebrations the band’s entire TV career can now be viewed on YouTube.

Your Head (RTE Late Late Show 1991)

Jerusalem Taxis (1991 Session)

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From Kilkenny, Jerusalem Taxis were Malcolm Noonan (vocals), Kevin Conroy (guitar), Frankie Morgan (bass) and JJ Cantwell (drums). They recorded this Fanning session in 1991. Tracks courtesy JJ Cantwell. Kerbdog covered ‘Something In My Head‘ on the B side of their 1994 single ‘Dry Riser’.


Chicken Man (1991)

Fall Into Nowhere (1991)

Long Blue Tube (1991)

Engine Alley (In Concert)

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The recent posts featuring concerts that Dave Fanning broadcast on RTE Radio 2 back in the day have proved popular, so to continue the theme and because the band in question is performing a gig in Whelan’s on July 23rd, today is the turn of Engine Alley from Kilkenny. I am not sure when this was originally broadcast and I’ve had to do some manipulation on the audio so I hope it stands up quality wise.

Summertime Is Over
Happy Alley New Year
Lame Dog Lament
A Song For Someone
Your Head

Engine Alley In Concert

Wilt (2000 Session)

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From Kilkenny, Wilt were formed in 1998 by Cormac Battle (vocals/guitar) and Darragh Butler (drums) from the ashes of Kerbdog with Mick Murphy (bass) completing the lineup. On October 28th, 1999 they played Whelan’s supported by Muse. They released two albums ‘Bastinado’ (2000) and ‘My Medicine’ (2002) with fourth member Derren Dempsey (guitar) before calling it a day in 2003. They recorded one session for the RTE 2FM Dave Fanning Show on 18/3/2000 featuring ‘Radio Disco’ and ‘Peroxatine’ both of which appeared on the limited edition release of ‘Bastinado’. Cormac Battle is now a DJ on RTE 2FM with a Sunday show from 7-10pm.

Radio Disco (2000)

Engine Alley (1990 Session)

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engine alley

Today we have the first 2FM session by Engine Alley which they recorded for Dave Fanning in 1990. The band at the time were Canice Kenealy (lead vocals and second guitar), Brian Kenealy (lead guitar and backing vocals), Eamonn Byrne (bass) and Emmaline Duffy-Fallon (drums, vocals). More information at the Irish Music Central.

01. Mrs Winder

02. Josephine

03. Much Too Soon To Be Down

04. The Fridge Song

05. Bike

Kerbdog (1997 Session)

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From Kilkenny, Kerbdog were formed in 1991 by Cormac Battle (vocals/guitar), Colin Fennelly (bass) and Darragh Butler (drums) while still attending the local CBS school. Billy Dalton joined the band in early 1992 as a second guitarist but left in 1996. Kerbdog released their eponymous debut in 1994 and a second album ‘On the Turn’, in 1997. They recorded this Fanning session in 1997 (or was it late 1996?) and called it a day in 1998. Cormac and Darragh with Mick Murphy (bass) then formed Wilt who themselves released two albums and were active until 2003. Cormac Battle can be currently heard as DJ on 2FM in the 7pm – midnight slot on Sundays. Thank you to the Kerbdog forum for sharing this session.


Mexican Wave


Hard To Live