Uaneen Fitzsimons Tribute (2000)


When we first heard about this particular tape we thought it was a recording of an Uaneen show but it turned out to be 45 minutes of a Dave Fanning tribute to Uaneen broadcast a month after her tragic death. It makes for sad listening but is also very touching and so we have decided to share. We hope her friends and family do not mind us sharing, please let us know if this is not the case. If anyone has a nice recording of an Uaneen show we’d love to share that also. Uaneen of course needs no introduction, she was the face of ‘No Disco‘ post Donal Dineen and host to her own RTE 2FM show in the slot after Dave Fanning. ‘No Disco’ also paid tribute with a special show compiling many of her interviews.

Uaneen Fitzsimons Tribute on Dave Fanning Show (2000)

5 Responses to “Uaneen Fitzsimons Tribute (2000)”

  1. Fantastic! Stellar work yet again. I remember this show well. I used to have a copy of ‘A wee night for Uaneen’ too, a gig in the Olympia that was broadcast in full on 2FM. It was a real special night that I was lucky to be at, a fantastic celebration of the much missed broadcaster. I’m sure it’s in a storage box in my parents house somewhere, hopefully in working order, someday I’ll get to go through all that stuff.

  2. Paul Murphy Says:

    Me and my late bro were very saddened when we heard the news we used to chill out watching her on no disco “cool girl” they don’t make many like her I like to think my bro is up there in the heavens with her having a laugh. rip

  3. Brónagh Murphy Says:

    Thanks for posting this! I used to listen to her show here in Washington DC and remember listening to this tribute on the day it broadcast.

  4. Thanks Brónagh! Just updated the ‘Wee Night For Uaneen’ post with the full 3.5 hour recording which am sure you will enjoy also

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