Donal Dineen: An Ode To Radio


Stayed up way way too late last night but was fascinated by this special broadcast on Donal Dineen‘s TodayFM show ‘The Small Hours’. In the show Donal talks of his early RTE career with ‘No Disco‘, moving to Radio Ireland with his ‘Here Comes The Night‘ show, working alongside John Kelly and finally the transition to TodayFM and ‘The Small Hours’.

Donal Dineen took part in a very special event as part of Culture Night 2011 .It was part of an overall night called Sounds Alive which was put together by Julian Clancy as something of an ode to radio; featuring special guests, interviews, stories, talk and performance from the world of radio.

For Donal’s contribution to the night he hosted a special live version of his Small Hours show, celebrating his adventures in broadcasting with his fans, some very special guests, and some incredible music.

The live show took part at Hello Operator and special live guests included Si Schroeder, Patrick Kelleher and Angkorwat- who dropped by for a chat about Arthur Russell. The show also features a rare interview with Donal – conducted by Julien- where he talks about his love of radio as a medium, what made him want to work in radio and memories of those early days at Radio Ireland.

This special radio event was sponsored by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

Donal Dineen: An Ode To Radio (2011)

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