Belsonic Sound (1988 Session)


This is the second Fanning session by Cork outfit Belsonic Sound and was recorded on 20th June 1988. The band featured Finny Corcoran (guitar & vocals), Gene Russel (bass), Jim O’Mahony (keyboards) and John McCormack (drums). Thanks to ‘Cork Bands of The 80’s‘ for digging out the photo.

Sex Cells / Alcohol / We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place (1988)

5 Responses to “Belsonic Sound (1988 Session)”

  1. marc mcdonald Says:


  2. johnny holmes Says:

    best band from cork in the 1980s, happy days indeed, amazing gigs in sir henrys. i just love that song ” alcohol’

  3. Says:

    Is this the drummer John Holmes from the Collig?

  4. ……….and top Sir Henrys barman of the 80’s ?

  5. johnny holmes Says:

    yes derry and patj it is me. lol , ive been living in nyc for 25 years now and im currently drumming with gotham city riot. hope ye guys are well.

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