Missing Link (1988 Session)


From Dublin, Missing Link were Jimmy Tague (vocals), Gerry Bennett (guitar), Dave Morrissey (keyboards), Charlie Bennett (bass), Donal McPartlin (drums). Thanks to IrishRock for the photo. This Fanning session was recorded on 14th June 1988.

Back Of My Mind / Maybe I Will / Shake It Up / Wrong Impression (1988)

5 Responses to “Missing Link (1988 Session)”

  1. The first song reminds me “Spandau Ballet” … maybe I’m wrong.
    (Or half-deaf)
    Thanks again for sharing these gems.

  2. Dave Morrissey from A House there

  3. Ian Nolan Says:

    Just coming across this now – I’m Jimmy Tague’s nephew. We have a lot of old tapes/videos/records and photos of the band. If anybody knew the band or Jimmy when they were active I’d love to get in contact.

  4. I remember Jimmy and his Spanish girl Martha living in Dublin. Great music cool young man, great crack to be around.

  5. Hi Ian Nolan,

    I remember seeing Jimmy with the Missing Link in DIT Bolton St about 1988 or so. He really stood out with his great hair and great performance. I saw them play many other times too. I recall a few nights in the Baggot Inn, one in particular where Christy Dignam (from Aslan) joined them on stage. They really were great.
    I often wondered what happened to them?

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