Azure Days


From Carlow Azure Days were Carling / Hot Press Band of the Year finalists in 1986 and winners in 1987. The first track today ‘The Old Tradition’ featured on Comet LP Two while the second track ‘Blew My Clouds Away’ was released as a single on Mystery Records in November 1987. I have a third track I think is Azure Days but am not 100% sure (see here). According to the Irish Punk And New Wave Discography the band comprised Gala Hutton (vocals & guitar), Ray Lowry (bass) and Gerry Farrell (drums, later of Skindive) but both photographs show 4 members.. Updating: Thanks to Neil and Krusty the fourth member is Liam O’Brien. The single was produced by Tír na nÓg’s Leo O’Kelly who recorded his own version of said track in 2002. Gala Hutton later featured in bands 79Cortinaz and The Trains and is currently busy with Sugar Factory. Update: According to Wikipedia Robbie Robinson featured on ‘Blew My Clouds Away’ and also on this.

The Old Tradition (1987)

Blew My Clouds Away (1987)

3 Responses to “Azure Days”

  1. Krusty The Klown Says:

    Think Liam O’Brien was other member

  2. wonderful band would like to send me the mp3. I really liked I’m glad to find sounds of the eighties. thank you very much

  3. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Glad you like it Wayne. Given that I do not own the rights to these songs I feel it would be unfair of me to provide downloads without the artists permission. I feel it is safer legally for the blog if I don’t provide downloads. I hope you understand my position 🙂

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