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Off The Record

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I recently stumbled across this short film by Niall Farrell which features three personalities who are no strangers to this blog. Gibb Cassidy worked in Dublin’s Road records and recently opened his own independent record outlet Elastic Witch. Darren McCreesh is the man behind the upcoming ‘Strange Passion‘ compilation with radio show of the same name on PowerFM. Last but not least Brian O’Kelly was a member of The Gorehounds and founder of the Comet Records shop and label (their Comet compilations have featured regularly in these pages). Comet Records closed in 2011 and Brian is currently active with Irish Record Fairs touring the land with his hoards of vintage Irish vinyl.


Shark Bait

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From Dublin Shark Bait were Dave Finnegan (guitar & vocals), Feargal Heapes (guitar), Simon Farrell (bass) and Martin Farrell (drums). These two tracks appeared on the 1988 Comet Tape 3 compilation.

Cemetary Rock (1988)

Problem Child (1988)

The 3355409’s

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Another Cork act to feature on the Comet LP Two compilation were The 3355409’s. According to ‘Cork Rock‘ the original lineup comprised David O’Connell (guitar), Jerry Buckley (bass), Stephanie Vink, Ruth Beecher (vocals) and Anne O’Halloran (drums) and were active 1987-1988, Caroline O’Connell (bass) was also a member from 1986 – 1988 (see comments below). however lists Paul Prior (drums) and the start date as 1984. Both agree that Morty McCarthy (drums) also featured. Paul Linehan (bass) came to one rehearsal but as David explains in a comment below decided not to join. Check out some of the band in the comments to this Dublin Opinion article on 80s Irish psychobilly.


Barbarous (1987)

Idol Joy

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From Cork, Idol Joy were Ian Jack (vocals), Joe Cherry (guitar), Eddie Mulhare (guitar), John McGuire (bass/vocals) and Fionn Blake (drums). According to ‘Cork Rock’ by Mark McAvoy they were formed in October 1985 they made their live debut in Cork Opera House in February 1986. They recorded a demo in Elm Tree Studios in Cork featuring tracks ‘JFK’ and ‘Eli’. That was also where they recorded today’s track ‘Paradise Days’ which appeared on the Comet LP Two compilation.

Paradise Days‘ (1987)

Backwards Into Paradise (Comet LP Two)

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Backwards Into Paradise have featured twice on this blog, three times if we include Into Paradise. This track featured on the Comet LP Two a self titled “Compilation of Irish Rock & New Wave” which was released in 1987.

There’s A Mountain (1987)

The Gorehounds

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My first and only visit to Costello’s Tavern of Dominic Street, Limerick was to see The Gorehounds. I knew their music from the Dave Fanning show but what I wasn’t prepared for was the sight of two drummers. The gig more than lived up to expectations. From Dublin The Gorehounds were Brian MacGabhann (vocals), Colm O’Kelly (guitar), Alan Taafe (bass), Brian O’Kelly (drums) and Gerry O’Boyle (drums). Their first singles on Idol Records were produced by Daniel Figgis aka Binttii of Princess Tinymeat. Gerry O’Boyle & Brian O’Kelly might be familiar to visitors to Comet Records in Dublin around that time as they both worked there (Brian was the owner). Check out the irishrock entry and the Dublin Opinion psychobilly feature. You can listen to Semtex here.

Cargo Cult (1987)

The Panic Merchants (Demo)

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FS PanicMerchantsPosterGrattan

From Dublin, The Panic Merchants went through two distinct phases; 1986-1987 from whence today’s tracks date and 1989-1991 when they had a second bite at the proverbial cherry. Originally The Panic Merchants were Justin Kelly (vocals), David Meagher (guitar), Paddy Glackin (bass) and Noel Larkin (drums). Aidan McNamara (bass) replaced Paddy Glackin in 1989 and Stephen Farrell (keyboards) joined in 1990. During their first outing the band had a track ‘Retro’ featured on the ‘Comet 2‘ compilation. The second lineup released the ‘Firewalking’ EP and recorded a further single ‘Swerve’ which was never released. They did get a call from Jim Lockhart, producer on the Fanning show about recording a session but unfortunately it never came to to pass. These tracks are from a demo the band recorded in 1986/1987.

FS PanicMerchantsRockGarden 1991


Happy Home