Cast Of Thousands

Cast Of Thousands in the Railway Tavern, Fahan, Co. Donegal (20th October 1985) with Caron Keating RIP, Jackie  Hamilton, Ronan Hayden, Dave Harvey, Mark Megannety and Jim Walker

Cast Of Thousands in the Railway Tavern, Fahan, Co. Donegal (20th October 1985) with Caron Keating RIP, Jackie
Hamilton, Ronan Hayden, Dave Harvey, Mark Megannety and Jim Walker (C) Jim Cunningham

Over the years I’ve been to many a gig. Some of the bigger names that should have left a greater impression I remember nothing of and only have the ticket stub to remind me I was there. Others by bands that have since disappeared into oblivion have left indelible impressions on my mind and can still be recalled clearly 24 years later. One such act was Derry band Cast Of Thousands. From the moment they took the stage gradually, each member picking up his instrument and joining in until finally singer Dave Harvey bounds on stage apparently just in time to launch into the vocals of the first song I knew this band meant business. At one point Harvey in his exertions managed to fall flat on his back but he continued singing as if it was all part of the act. Myself and a friend blagged our way backstage afterwards for a chat and ended up getting dropped off by the band as they continued into the night towards Dublin and the ferry back to London.

Cast Of Thousands (or is it Cast Of 1,000’s?) were formed in Derry in 1986 by Jim Walker (guitar) with Dave Harvey (vocals) and Greg Terry Short (drums). Jim Walker was previously in punk act The Sect (watch ‘Crisis after Crisis’ from 1981) while Harvey was a member of Donegal jazz-funk act Quarterdeck. Here is a discography which does some excellent detective work but also relies heavily on the IPNWD entry which I believe in this instance is not definitive. Watch videos for ‘Harp Street‘ and ‘Nothing Is Forever‘ or performing on BBC NI ‘Channel One‘ or interviewed on French TV. Walker is currently treading the boards with covers band The Jaywalkers, most recently playing a Gweedore Bar reunion in the Tower Hotel, Derry.

The following track is the B side to the second single ‘Nothing Is Forever’.

New Tomorrow (1987)

9 Responses to “Cast Of Thousands”

  1. another great band and great song. I would like it sent to me or you do not leave a download link. wonderful thank you very much and good music

  2. Greg Terry-Short Says:

    Thanks to whoever put up this blog. I have recently re-met Jim Walker and we talked warmly about the days of Cast Of Thousands. It is not many times in your life when you are involved in something very special. This band were certainly that. I was sort of hoping for a reform but I don’t think Dave Harvey would be up for it.


  3. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Greg, thank you for your kind words. A Cast Of 1,000s reunion would be a tantalising proposition indeed, maybe Paul McLoone could be persuaded, he has some expertise in that area;-)

  4. Valerie Ward Says:


  5. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Adding 1986 Irish tour poster from Jim Walker on fb

  6. Have known Dave for about 10yrs..part of my wife’s family and see him from time to idea of any of his musical past other than his love of a tune..wait till I catch up with him

  7. I saw the band in London several times in 1986. Dave was a brief flatmate at that time. I even approached them to shoot a video of colour fields. Actually have some 16mm bw footage of the band playing. I’m going to get it converted to digital this month.

  8. Please let us know when you do that Simon!

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