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The Sussed (1981 Session)

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From Churchtown in Dublin, The Sussed were formed by Rory Stokes (vocals), Paul Mooney (guitar), Declan Jones (bass) and John McGrath (drums). Declan would later leave to concentrate on Blue In Heaven duties. He was replaced on bass guitar by John Downey followed eventually by permanent bass player Liam Fox. Both Declan and John played these shows masked with balaclava and sunglasses due to contractual issues with their respective record companies. Formed in 1978 when Rory was just 13, the band supported U2, The Blades and Auto Da Fe in their early days. The Sussed in turn gave Paranoid Visions their first support slot. They released one single ‘Don’t Swim On The East Coast’ in 1981 which got to number 3 in the Irish charts, thanks to the support of Dave Fanning and Larry Gogan but mainly down to the Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament (CND) who adopted the song for their Windscale/Sellafield awareness campaign . They also recorded this 6 track session for Dave Fanning in late 1981, the missing song is ‘Good Morning School’. For more background check out the excellent 2017 interview with Rory and John by Michael Murphy of the Hope Collective. The Sussed recorded a second session for Dave Fanning in 1983 and shortly afterwards Paul Mooney left to join Cuba Dares.

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