Dolphin Discs to close

We have a soft spot for record shops but seem to have ended up charting their demise. This morning Ian Dempsey chatted to the boss of Dolphin Discs, Talbot Street, Dublin who after 40 years in business are closing their doors. Ian spent 10 minutes reminiscing with Paul O’Reilly who had a few interesting tales to tell including a few of strokes pulled. The shop closes Sunday and as Ian says everything must go so head on down share a few memories and maybe pick up a few bargains.

Paul O’Reilly of Dolphin Discs on Ian Dempsey (25.9.12)


3 Responses to “Dolphin Discs to close”

  1. Thanks for the posts, always interesting!

  2. Best of luck to Paul, Ger and the rest of the O Reilly family – thanks for so many records , sounds & memories, and in my own case, thanks for helping me start in the business! Brian O Kelly Comet Records & Irish Record Fairs

  3. nicky maguire Says:

    Dolphin Discs was a part of our youth growing up….we had no computers or videos…just music and radio …they will be sadly missed

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