The Strong Are Lonely (1986 Session)


From Offaly, The Strong Are Lonely were Ciaran Guinan (vocals), Tom Jamieson (drums), Daragh Connolly (keyboards), Finn Corrigan (keyboards/guitars), Kieran Egan (guitars), Ronan McDermott (bass). They recorded a Fanning session on 24/02/1986 featuring: ‘Paranoid Man’, ‘Wasted Time’ and ‘This Way Up’. While at RTE mixing the session, they had a visit from Paul McGuinness of U2 and Mother Records. A possible one-single deal with Mother was mooted, but never materialised. The band describe the following track as from the Fanning session so I’m going to post and hope someone can shed some more light.. Finn, Ciaran and Tom were to later form Clark’s Gable.

Vicious Circle (1986)

Wasted Time (1986)

2 Responses to “The Strong Are Lonely (1986 Session)”

  1. Jerry Buckley Says:


    I have pics and music form some of the bands in cork around the late 80’s – how do I get them to you

    Kind regards,

    Jerry Buckley

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Hi Jerry, thanks for the comment, I’ll be in touch via email!

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