The Blades (1980 Session)

The 1981 Blades session has already featured but today it is the turn of the first incarnation of that band and their 1980 Fanning session.

The 1980 session features the original three-piece with Paul Cleary and his brother Lar, with Pat Larkin on the drums with some cover versions not available elsewhere. The line-up for the 1981 session featured Brian Foley on bass, and Jake Reilly on drums. RTE 2fm

‘Walk Back Renee’ (1980)

‘Breaking Out Of The Ruts’ (1980)

3 Responses to “The Blades (1980 Session)”

  1. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Regular reader John has sent in a photo of a 1980 poster of a Blades gig in The Crescent, Limerick oldcrescent

  2. Does anybody have more information on existing recordings from Paul Cleary and The Partisans? We are trying to catalog their recording with the aim to have them released digitally (especially unreleased recordings)? See for current status. Any further information or contacts appreciated.

  3. There was a Partisans EP.

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