David Byrne (1988 Interview)


In 1988 shortly after the release of ‘Naked’ the album that was to prove the last Talking Heads release, Dave Fanning sat down in London with David Byrne for an extended interview.

David Byrne (1988 Interview)

3 Responses to “David Byrne (1988 Interview)”

  1. Anthony DArcy Says:

    This is brilliant ! Thanks for putting this up. Think I remember hearing this the first time around. Anthony.

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Glad you enjoyed Anthony, this one was quite a bit of work as i had to remove all the music – didnt want to infringe on too many rights 😉

  3. Awesome interview! As a younger Talking Heads fan, one who missed these moments as they happened, it’s nice to see things archived on here! Thank you.


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