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Grant McLennan (The Go-Betweens) – Dave Fanning Interview (18 May 1986)

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This recording comes courtesy of Limerick born artist and sometime guitarist Donald Teskey. Donald was recently a guest of John Kelly on the Mystery Train Sunday Service.

A recording of a lovely interview from the Dave Fanning rock show with (the late) Grant McLennan from 18 May 1986 on the occasion of the Go-Betweens first gigs in Ireland. They had just played an open air lunchtime concert in Trinity College, which I was at, and being a massive fan I rushed home to record to the interview that evening. (Robert Forster tells a story about the same event in his recently published memoir ‘Grant & I: Inside and Outside the Go-Betweens’). They then played Trinity Ball which was on the following day. The interview is really good natured and delves into the bands influences etc. with some unusual music choices by Grant.

Ian Dury – Dave Fanning Interview (1981)

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Shortly after Ian Dury’s death in 2000 following a long illness, Dave Fanning paid tribute by broadcasting a 31st July 1981 interview with the singer-songwriter. Thank you John for digging out the recording.

Ian Dury Interview (1981)


Interference (2012 Session)

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As we posted yesterday Fergus O’Farrell passed away suddenly this week. We’ve been listening to Interference non stop since we heard the news and we thoughts readers might like to hear the following recording..

On September 10th 2012 on his RTE 2XM show Dan Hegarty broadcast a session from Interference who were in the Father Matthew studio in Cork.

Fergus O’Farrell brings Paul Tiernan along for this live special from the Cork studio. Interference are one of the most compelling groups to emerge from the Irish music scene in the 1990s, a fact recognised by their inclusion in the current TV series, Other Voices: Songs from a Room. The band’s sound crosses all rock/folk/traditional divides with their string driven hypnotic sound, making a concert a truly moving experience.

‘Don’t Go Down’ / ‘Thirteenth Floor’ / interview / ‘I’m Your Man’ / ‘American Townland’

Interference – Fr Matthew Session & Interview (2012)

Ben E. King – Mickey Bradley Interview (1986)

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ben e king

Sadly Ben E. King recently passed away at the age of 76. To commemorate Ben here’s an interview he did with Mickey Bradley back in 1986 when the soul legend visited Derry.

Ben E King – Mickey Bradley Interview (1986)

David Bowie ‘Tonight’ reviewed by Tom McLaughlin (1984)

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Time to break our duck with something a little bit unusual. This is either very unfair or very apt given David Bowie’s recent renaissance. In 1984 he released ‘Tonight‘, his sixteenth studio album to mixed reviews. In this clip from the Dave Fanning RTE2 radio show Tom McLaughlin of Light a Big Fire offers his take on the album.

In other news voting for the inevitable Fanning’s Fab 50 is underway with the event itself taking place on Monday 22nd December and Tuesday 23th from 10pm-1am. Check out Dan Hegarty’s ‘Top 50 Irish Albums Of 2014‘ for some inspiration.

While we’re going off topic, all the best to Mr Terri Hooley who is in hospital at the minute. Get well soon Terri.

Tom McLaughlin (1984)

If like me you think it’s time to listen to the album check it out on youtube here:

A House (1987 Interview)

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How do I casually mention that Mr Dave Couse is back on our airwaves from Monday 3rd November filling in for Paul McLoone on TodayFM? How about another Dave Fanning interview? This one features ‘I Think I’m Going Mad’ (live), ‘Call Me Blue’ (brand new single out 11th July), ‘You Break Me Up’ (live), ‘Heart Happy’ (live) and ‘Plain or Pearl’ (another of the 4 tracks from the 12″). Check out Dave 3rd – 13th November 9pm-midnight on TodayFM.


A House interview Dave Fanning (1987)

Big Country – Dave Fanning Interview (1986)

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One good interview begets another. Recorded during the same tour as the recently posted Mickey Bradley interview, here are Stuart and Ian from Big Country on RTE Radio2 with the venerable Dave Fanning on November 26th 1986. Thank you to the kind reader who dug this out.

Big Country

Big Country – Dave Fanning Interview (26.11.1986)

Stuart Adamson – Mickey Bradley Interview (1986)

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In 1986 Big Country toured Ireland stopping off in Derry’s Templemore Sports Complex on the way. Stuart Adamson took time out from the sound check on December 2nd 1986 to speak to Mickey Bradley for his Radio Foyle show Mickey’s Monkey. Stuart Adamson sadly passed away in 2001.

Big Country

Stuart Adamson – Mickey Bradley Interview (1986)

Future Kings Of Spain – Alison Curtis Interview (2007)

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Another great band that are sorely missed round these parts, Future Kings Of Spain were founded by Joey Wilson (guitar & vocals), Anton Hegarty (bass) and Bryan McMahon (drums). Their first gig in 2000 was a support slot for J Mascis & The Fog. They were joined in 2003 by Karl Hussey (guitar). I first came across them on the March 2003 HMV Playlist CD. This is a 2007 interview with Alison Curtis on her TodayFM show ‘The Last Splash’.

Joey Wilson (Future Kings Of Spain) – Alison Curtis Interview (2007)

That Petrol Emotion – Mickey Bradley Interview (1986)

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That Petrol Emotion

If pushed to chose our Desert Island Discs ‘Manic Pop Thrill’ by That Petrol Emotion would be on the list. We are excited to hear that 4/5 of that band are about to release a new record. As an excuse to plug the efforts of The Everlasting Yeah to fund ‘Anima Rising‘ here’s an archive interview with one Mickey Bradley from 1986. Mickey’s very first radio show ‘Mickey’s Monkey‘ featured an interview with the band in the very first episode. This particular interview with Ciaran and Raymond was broadcast on the Radio Ulster show ‘The Bottom Line’.

Mickey Bradley Interview (1986)

Whiskey In The Jar – The Eric Bell Story

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L-R Phil Lynott, Brian Downey and Eric Bell.

L-R Phil Lynott, Brian Downey and Eric Bell.

Marking 40 years since his departure from Irelands greatest known rock band Thin Lizzy, founding member Eric Bell speaks candidly to Danny Carroll about his life.

This RTE Radio 1 documentary was produced by Danny Carroll and won a Silver Award at the New York Radio Festival recently.

Whiskey In The Jar – The Eric Bell Story

Patrick Brocklebank – U2 and the Dublin Music Scene 1978–1981

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Tom Dunne interviewed Patrick Brocklebank recently about the newly published photographic memoir ‘Where the Streets Have Two Names‘. Tony Clayton-Lea reviews the book for The Irish Times in this piece ‘‘Dublin exposure: Citizen photography of U2 and other early punks’‘. While the book is quite U2 centric for obvious reasons a lot of other usual suspects feature including Dave Fanning, Ian Wilson, The Vipers, The Atrix. The book is published by Liberties Press and the Tom Dunne Show can be heard from 10pm till midnight Monday through Thursday on Newstalk.

Where the Streets Have 2 Names features hundreds of previously unpublished photographs by award-winning photographer Patrick Brocklebank, documenting U2’s early days as well as the rise of other groups who were part of Dublin’s music scene at that time, such as The Virgin Prunes, The Blades, The Black Catholics, The Undertones and The Buzzcocks. The photos capture iconic moments in the lives of these bands, particularly U2, and are accompanied by numerous untold anecdotes about the band members and the long-gone music venues of that era, where many of the bands’ most seminal gigs were performed. The book captures the atmosphere of the time – a recessionary Dublin, a youthful individuality and a sense of rebellion – and provides a fascinating insight into the culture and characters on the Dublin music scene from 1978–1981.

Patrick Brocklebank on Tom Dunne Show (4/2/2014)

Update adding another radio show appearance..

Patrick Brocklebank and Ferdia Mac Anna on Dave Fanning Show (8/2/2014)

David Byrne (1988 Interview)

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In 1988 shortly after the release of ‘Naked’ the album that was to prove the last Talking Heads release, Dave Fanning sat down in London with David Byrne for an extended interview.

David Byrne (1988 Interview)

The Ramones (1985 Interview)

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In June 1985 Dave Fanning interviewed one of his self professed favourite bands The Ramones. The band was in Dublin to play two gigs in the TV Club on June 24th and 25th as part of their ‘Too Tough To Die’ tour. The original recording can be found here.

The Ramones (1985 Interview)

Paul Cleary (2013 Interviews)

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(c) Sunday Times

Photo (c) Sunday Times

George Byrne, Irish Independent (22/11/2013)
Declan Lynch, Sunday Independent (24/11/2013) (24/11/2013)

Tom Dunne, Newstalk (4/12/2013)

Ray D’Arcy Show, TodayFM (28/11/2013)

John Caddell, ‘Finest Worksongs’ Phantom FM (28/11/2013)

Joni Mitchell Interview (1983)

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To celebrate Joni Mitchell’s 70th birthday and the 30th anniversary of her one and only Irish appearance Dave Fanning ran an excerpt of a 1983 interview he did with Joni. The full transcript of the interview appeared in Hot Press magazine and is reproduced here. If anyone has a recording of the full interview we’d love to hear from you.


Joni Mitchell Interview (15 April 1983)

Update: Today Dave rebroadcast a 36 minute version of his Joni Mitchell interview from 1983 which we have linked to below. 

Joni Mitchell Interview (20 Feb 2022 rebroadcast)

An Oral History of Grunge (Mark Yarm Interview)

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On the 20th anniversary of ‘In Utero’, Nirvana’s third studio album, Dave Fanning talks to Brooklyn guitarist and author Mark Yarm about the history of grunge. Mark is the author of ‘Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History of Grunge‘.

Mark Yarm (2013)

Andy Kershaw (2013 Interview)

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Photo from Andy's facebook stream

Andy Kershaw with BP Fallon at the Electric Picnic 2013

Andy Kershaw’s autobiography is a great read so I was very interested to hear what transpired when Andy and Dave Fanning met at the Electric Picnic recently. There were no surprises for anyone who’s read ‘No Off Switch‘ but those who haven’t might take this opportunity.

Here’s what Andy himself wrote on facebook:

I was also thrilled to hook up again with the truly legendary Irish rock journalist and scene-maker, BP Fallon, following a gap of about 25 years. The tireless little imp, after 300 years of chronicling the music of others, has now got himself a band, has made a CD, and last Saturday night I watched him for the first time as stage performer. He played a remarkable if low-key gig in one of the more obscure tents. It was really good.

And while we were hanging out together on Sunday, I was also trying to persuade him that the time has come for him now to write his autobiography. (“If I can do it, Beep…”) What a story that would be! It would blow mine into the weeds.

It was also fab to see Dave Fanning again after many years, and to be interviewed on Dave’s RTE radio show, broadcasting live from the festival. (The noted motormouth of Irish radio couldn’t get a word in edgeways…) Also great to be reunited with Johnny Marr, and with Denis Desmond, the festival promoter, both of whom I hadn’t seen since Billy Bragg days. Johnny played a splendid set too.

Andy Kershaw with Dave Fanning (2013)

Lou Reed Interview (1996)

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This is an audio rip of an interview Dave Fanning did with Lou Reed in 1996 to promote his seventeenth solo album ‘Set the Twilight Reeling’.


Lou Reed Interview (1996)

Nick Cave Interview (30th April 1992)

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I don’t do festivals but if I did this year’s Body & Soul at Ballinlough Castle, Co Meath would be top of the list. Dave Fanning interviewed Kurt Vile on Thursday night but 21 years ago he interviewed another performer at next weekend’s festival.

places we play / elbow deep in baby shit / leaving brazil / berlin / boys next door / birthday party / london / the bad seeds / the firstborn is dead / when the ass saw the angel / the new album / 80s / wim wenders

Nick Cave Part 1

remixing ‘henry’s dream’ / “Straight to You” / Leisureland Galway tomorrow (01/05/1992) / Dublin, SFX (02/05/1992) / “Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry” / “Till The End Of The World”

Nick Cave Part 2

Fanning Interviews (1986)

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Dave Fanning Interviews 1986

Dave Fanning Interviews 1986 tape

Fanning Interviews (1986)

Cathal Coughlan (1992 Interview)

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Here’s an clip of a 1992 Fanning interview with Cathal Coughlan of The Fatima Mansions shortly before their Rock Garden gig in Dublin. Up for discussion are; supporting U2, provoking a reaction in Germany, irony in lyrics, ‘Valhalla Avenue’, a holiday record, the film festival in Cork, music for a Channel 4 documentary, ‘Paper Thin Hotel‘ missing out to ‘A Singer Must Die’ on a Leonard Cohen tribute album. Thanks to Brand New Retro for the NME photo, check out full article here. Update: an eagle eyed reader informs me that the year was 1992 so corrected the year.

Cathal Coughlan (1992)

Paul McLoone ‘Good Vibrations’ Special

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To celebrate the imminent release of ‘Good Vibrations‘ the movie about an independent record store in Belfast, based on Terri Hooley’s autobiography ‘Hooleygan‘ Paul McLoone on TodayFM will be having a Good Vibrations show tonight in his 9pm – midnight slot. Paul will feature an interview with Terri as well as lots of great music from the era. As they say round these parts, go see the movie early and often! If you check back after the show we hope to add a recording, blank tapes willing and all that.

Update: Adding recording of the show. Fans of Ulster Punk might want to check out the IFI on Saturday at 16.10 where you can catch the John T. Davis documentaries ‘Shellshock Rock’ & ‘Self-Conscious Over You’.

Terri Hooley on the Paul McLoone TodayFM show (28.3.2013)

Terri Hooley on the Dave Fanning 2FM show (6.4.2013)


Mark Eitzel – Here Comes The Night (1997)

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Mark Eitzel needs no introduction. Singer with the American Music Club and a successful solo artist, he returns to these shores for an Irish tour this week. If you have yet to see him live don’t pass up this opportunity, if you already have you’ll know what is in store. This interview came on the occasion of a previous visit in 1997 when he played Whelan’s in Dublin. He dropped in to the Radio Ireland studios to talk to Donal Dineen on his ‘Here Comes The Night‘ show and yours truly captured at least some of it.

Mark Eitzel post 1997 Whelan's gig with  Niall Crumlish, Nick Kelly and George Byrne Photo (C) Lorraine Freeney

Mark Eitzel post 1997 Whelan’s gig with Niall Crumlish, Nick Kelly and George Byrne Photo (C) Lorraine Freeney

Feb 21 Dublin – Workman’s Club
Feb 22 Cork – Cyprus Avenue
Feb 23 Kilkenny – Cleere’s
Feb 25 Galway – Roisin Dubh
Feb 26 Belfast – Errigle Inn

Here Comes The Night‘ (1997)

A House (1991 Interview)

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Came across this snippet when working on the recently posted 1990 interview, this is a short segment from 1991 with A House prior to the release of their third album ‘I Am the Greatest’. Up for discussion are: getting dropped by Blanco Y Negro, the vocals for ‘Heart Happy’. signing to Setanta Records, Keith Cullen, not getting on the BBC playlist. If the remainder turns up I shall update the post.

Interview Excerpt (1991)

Paul Cleary interview with Pat Kenny (1986)

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Paul Cleary, founder and lead singer of the recently defunct Blades, now with new band The Partisans talking to Pat Kenny in 1986 about school, early careers and what he might have done if music had not intervened. Paul talks about why The Blades called it a day, who The Partisans are and what they’ll be doing. He also explains why he didnt perform at Self Aid. Thanks to Mick for digging this out.

Paul Cleary part 1

Paul Cleary part 2

Interview with Hunter Davies editor of The John Lennon Letters

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On Saturday 8th December 2012 Dave Fanning interviewed Hunter Davies on his RTE 2fm Saturday morning show. Hunter is author of the only authorised Beatles biography and is editor of the recently published John Lennon Letters. In a long and wide ranging interview Dave impresses Hunter with his knowledge and plays some archive recordings of Paul McCartney and Cynthia Lennon.

Hunter Davies (2012)

Power Of Dreams (1990 Fanning Interview)

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A track from the 1989 Power Of Dreams Fanning session featured here recently and today we have a Dave Fanning show interview with Craig Walker from October 5th 1990 the very night night the band played McGonagles as part of their Irish tour. Power Of Dreams fans stay tuned because we also have a recording of their 1990 Cork Rocks performance in the works, check out previous posts here. Check out PoD on facebook here.

Power Of Dreams Interview (1990 )

John T Davis (2012 Interview)

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John T Davis
Photo courtesy Culture Northerm Ireland

33 years after ‘Shellshock Rock‘ was controversially withdrawn from the festival programme at the last minute, John T Davis returned to the Cork Film Festival this year for a showing of his seminal Irish punk document. The movie was eventually shown but only thanks to then UCC Entertainments Officer Elvera Butler.

I had met Terri Hooley some time earlier when we were both were guests on the Dave Fanning Rock Show on RTE, talking about rock music in the north and south of the country respectively, and he got in touch with me to see if I could do anything to help.

The following is an interview John gave on 96FM Irish music show ‘The Green Room’ hosted by Michael Carr.

Green Room Interview (17th Nov 2012)

Sons of the Desert (1989 Interview & Session)

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sons of the desert 3

Not to be confused with the US band of the same name, Sons of the Desert were from London and by all accounts toured with The Pogues.. On this visit to Dave Fanning at RTE studios the lineup was Ewan Shiels (vocals, mandolin), Stephen Harrison (bass), Tracey Booth (vocals, bodhran), Johnny Nolan (guitar) and Joseph Doherty (violin and saxophone). Paul McCluskey who attended the Cork show informs us that this recording is from 24th August 1989.

Live Performance & Interview (1990)

Paul Charles on ‘ABC to XTC’ with John Connolly

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Seeing the interview with Paul Charles in this week’s issue of Hot Press magazine reminded me of the special ABC to XTC show John Connolly hosted just over a year ago when he spent an hour talking to the author and music business insider. If you don’t know who Paul Charles is this interview is a perfect starting point. Charles’ latest book ‘The Last Dance’ which “tells the fictional story of an irish showband” is out now on New Island.

ABC to XTC is an RTE 2XM radio show hosted by author John Connolly. I have yet to read any of John’s work but I am a fan of his radio show which takes a look at the less travelled side of 80s music, with an occasional excursion right up to the present. My favorite shows are those where he looks at post punk or US independent music but his show is always entertaining thanks to John’s anecdotes.

ABC to XTC Paul Charles interview (2011)

Derry Journal review

The Radiators From Space

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“Ireland’s first punk band” accoording to George Byrne, The Radiators From Space released their debut single ‘Television Screen‘ in early 1977 inspiring a host of young Irish bands to follow suit. Formed in 1975, The Radiators were Steve Rapid (vocals), Phil Chevron (guitar & vocals), Pete Holidai (guitar & vocals), Mark Megaray (bass) and Jimmy Crashe (drums). The current lineup is Philip Chevron (vocals & guitar), Pete Holidai (lead guitar & Vocals), Steve Rapid (synth noises & Vocals), Johnny Bonnie (drums and vocals) and Enda Wyatt (bass and vocals).

Dave Fanning recently spoke to Philip Chevron and Steve Averill of The Radiators From Space about the Irish Beat Scene and the bands who inspired them. The band has just released ‘Sound City Beat‘ an 18-track collection where they “reinvent” the music of their Irish rock predecessors Eire Apparent, Bluesville, The Blue Aces, Thin Lizzy, The Movement, Skid Row, Horslips, Taste, Them, Andwella, The Next in Line, The Creatures and Orange Machine. The record has been described as an Irish version of Lenny Kaye’s ‘Nuggets’. Many of these names yours truly first heard on the now defunct Dave Heffernan ‘Guaranteed Irish‘ show on 4FM.

The Radiators From Space play a one off gig at Dublin’s Academy on Saturday 8th September. Guests on the night, in an inspired piece of programming, are an up-and-coming beat combo from Cavan The Strypes.

Philip Chevron and Steve Averill (7th July 2012)

Darren McCreesh – Strange Passion

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The great reviews for the new ‘Strange Passion- Explorations in Irish Post Punk, DIY and Electronic Music 1980-83‘ compilation on Finders Keepers offshoot Cache-Cache are coming fast and furious and Darren McCreesh the man behind the release has been out and about giving interviews. Here’s what happened when he visited the TodayFM studios to talk to Carrellines (anyone got their Fanning session?) singer Paul McLoone. While you’re waiting for this to load up why not check out the reviews by Pitchfork, factmag, avclub, norman records and state magazine. An album stream is available here. The CD and vinyl release come with detailed liner notes so do yourself a favour and pick up the physical release. Personally we’re hoping Darren will concentrate solely on the RTE Fanning Sessions for his next compilation.

Darren McCreesh on Paul McLoone show (12th July 2012)

Leonard Cohen (1993 Interview)

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Shortly after the release of his 1992 album ‘The Future’ Leonard Cohen had a long chat with Dave Fanning. The interview was broadcast on Dave’s RTE show on 21st January 1993. Leonard Cohen is of course playing four gigs at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham this September 11th, 12th, 14th and 15th. Cohen is returning to the spot where he was reduced to tears four years earlier. The singer broke a 10-year hiatus from live shows when he performed in the grounds of the Irish Museum of Modern Art in 2008. Concert impresario Rob Hallett who persuaded the singer and poet out of retirement said he used a show in Dublin two years earlier to win his argument. The promoter and life-long fan persuaded Cohen there was a massive audience waiting to see him on the back of a two-night tribute concert ‘Came So Far for Beauty‘ in The Point Theatre October 4th and 5th 2006.

Interview (1993)

John Cooper Clarke (1986 Interview)

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John Cooper Clarke, punk poet extraordinaire has been a regular visitor to these shores and to the Dave Fanning show. This is a recording of a 1986 visit in which John talks of an upcoming album ‘The Beat Goes Off’. This release has still to see the light of day but you can listen to some of it here. The recording was edited old school hence the occasional jump.

Interview (1986)

The Blue Nile (1990 Interview)

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thebluenileFrom Glasgow, The Blue Nile need no introduction. This is a recording of an interview on Dave Fanning’s RTE 2FM show circa 1990. All three band members ie Paul Buchanan, Paul Joseph Moore and Robert Bell were present. Dave mentions ‘Hats’ was released a few months earlier leading me to believe this was in early 1990. Paul Buchanan is about to release a solo album ‘Mid Air’ and recently appeared on Stuart Maconie’s BBC6 show to talk about it.

Interview (1990)

Tony Clayton-Lea (101 Irish Records..) – Dave Fanning Interview

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The author of the recently published 101 Irish Records You Must Hear Before You Die Tony Clayton-Lea is doing the promotional rounds and last Saturday appeared on Dave Fanning’s afternoon show. Here’s what he and Dave had to say on the subject..

Tony Clayton Lea (2011)

T Bone Burnett (1985 Interview)

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On the eve of his show in The Stadium, Dublin on July 6th 1985, with Elvis Costello performing as The Coward Brothers, T Bone Burnett dropped in to the Dave Fanning RTE 2 Radio show and spent two hours talking to Dave and choosing records. This is but a small clip of that show. Interestingly T Bone mentions he’s off to see The Blades play that very night in The TV Club..

T Bone Interview (1985)

Toasted Heretic (1994 Interview)

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mindless optimism

We’ve already featured Toasted Heretic but can you remember this 1994 interview they did with Dave Fanning just before the release of their fourth album ‘Mindless Optimism‘? Thanks to Michael Mee for the tape.


Lightning (Live)

The Cranberries (1993 Interview)

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dave-fanning-dolores-o-riordanIn 1993 The Cranberries recorded a session for Dave Fanning, produced possibly by Jim Lockhart. Whilst there Dolores and Fergal dropped over to the 2FM studio for an interview with Dave on his evening show where among other things they talked about the music business, Guy Chadwick, living in Limerick and being compared to The Sundays. There is a short interruption due to a tape flip mid interview. Thanks to Michael Mee for digging this out. If you have any Fanning tapes please get in touch as we are always on the lookout. Of interest are (a) sessions (b) interviews and (c) demos or tracks by bands that Fanning played that are no longer available. We don’t have the the 1993 Cranberries session, maybe Ian Wilson producer of the Dan Hegarty show could be persuaded to dig it out, they say in the interview that they recorded 3 new songs plus ‘Wanted’ from the album.

Interview (1993)

Imelda May on Paul McLoone Show (2011)

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Imelda May was a guest on the Paul McLoone show last night picking 15 of her favourite tunes and a real treat it was too. Imelda is currently #7 in the UK charts following her Graham Norton show appearance (longer version including interview). Here’s what Imelda chose:

Wanda Jackson – Hard Headed Woman
Billy Fury – Gonna Type A Letter
The Stray Cats – Stray Cat Strut (1981)
Laverne Baker – Voodoo Voodoo
Gene Vincent – Bluejean Bop (1956)
The Cure – The Lovecats (1983)
Howlin Wolf – Smoke Stack Lightning (1956)
Johnny Burnette – Train Kept A Rollin (1956)
Santo & Johnny – Sleep Walk (1959)
Johnny Horton – Honky Tonk Man (1956)
Hank Williams – I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (1941)
Ike Turner – Matchbox
* Charlie Rich – Behind Closed Doors
Teddy Wilson Orchestra – Blues in C Sharp Minor
Elvis Presley – Trouble
Patsy Cline – Got A Lot Of Rhythm In My Soul (1959)

* Paul McLoone mentioned this but I didn’t hear it

Imelda May on Paul McLoone Show (10.2.2011)

Phil Lynott Interview (1980)

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phil lynott by mick rock

Photo by Mick Rock (1977)

Here’s an early (1980?) interview Dave Fanning did with Phil Lynott on his show, I think it was the first on Dave’s show which is which why Dave takes him right back to the early beginnings of Thin Lizzy.

Phil Lynott Interview (1980?)

Power Of Dreams (Live on Dan Hegarty Show)

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Power Of Dreams were in 2FM Studio 8 last night where they performed some songs live on the Dan Hegarty show. They also appeared on the Dave Fanning show but I didn’t find out till afterwards, should have checked here or even here. They are midway through their 25th anniversary tour so you can still catch them in Dundalk, Cork or Dublin.

Does It Matter


There Is A Light That Never Goes Out


Never Been To Texas