The Coletranes


From Dublin, The Coletranes were Brendan Tallon (guitar/vocals), Brendan Berry (guitar/vocals), Ian O’Donoghue (bass) and Shane Rafferty (drums). Previously operating as Crocodile Tears they recorded a Fanning Session in 1987. We havent yet established what the nature of these particular tracks is. Three members went on to form Revelino.

In Everything I See (1989)

Another Sunday (1989)


3 Responses to “The Coletranes”

  1. Danny McTaggart Says:

    Great band, I remember the Ryanair rock week may 1990 in the Mean Fiddler in London, I was playing with Ego Minefield at the time and we were on the same night as the Coltranes….great bunch of guys!

  2. Super

  3. Brilliant, I remember see them many times in the Baggot. God be with those times. Great craic.

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