The Coletranes (1989 Session)


From Dublin, The Coletranes were Brendan Tallon (guitar/vocals), Brendan Berry (guitar/vocals), Ian O’Donoghue (bass) and Shane Rafferty (drums). Previously operating as Crocodile Tears they recorded a Fanning Session in 1987. We haven’t yet established what the nature of these particular tracks is. Three members went on to form Revelino.

In Everything I See (1989)
Another Sunday (1989)

7 Responses to “The Coletranes (1989 Session)”

  1. Danny McTaggart Says:

    Great band, I remember the Ryanair rock week may 1990 in the Mean Fiddler in London, I was playing with Ego Minefield at the time and we were on the same night as the Coltranes….great bunch of guys!

  2. Super

  3. Brilliant, I remember see them many times in the Baggot. God be with those times. Great craic.

  4. There was a fanning session from the coletranes that had a song called “waters flow”. I recorded it on tape a long time ago and after playing it on air, Dave said there were flowers growing out of the sound desk.
    Would you have a copy of that session ? (1990ish)

  5. Ian, thank you for the comment. The Coletranes recorded a Fanning session on Sep 18th 1989, two of the tracks feature here and the remaining tracks were ‘Waters Flow’ and ‘The Garden’. Unfortunately as yet they have not turned up.

  6. Stephen Heneghan Says:

    Amazing tracks, still hold up today, as well as the Crocodile Tears tracks on the previous page. Used to see them religiously every Friday in Walters Dun Laoghaire. Reform and release!!

  7. Thomas Erbsloh Says:

    The Coletranes morphed into Revelino

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