Henry McCullough on the BP Fallon Orchestra

henrys heroes

20 years after they performed together in Sweeney’s Men, Johnny Moynihan (vocals, bouzouki, fiddle, tin whistle) , Terry Woods (vocals, banjo, guitar) and Henry McCullough (guitar) reconvened in the RTE Studios for a very special edition of the BP Fallon Orchestra. Henry McCullough started out as a member of The People and Eire Apparent before joining Sweeney’s Men. He later joined Joe Cocker & The Grease Band and Wings with Paul & Linda McCartney followed by a long list of appearances. Henry suffered a serious heart attack in 2012 from which he never fully recovered. There will be a benefit gig in The Half Moon in Putney, London on St Patrick’s Day to raise funds for Henry’s care.


Sweeney’s Men on the BPFO (198?)

One Response to “Henry McCullough on the BP Fallon Orchestra”

  1. John Dundon Says:

    hear it’s already a sell out which is proper order for the hero that is Henry

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