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The Wild Herrings (Demo)

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Photo (C) Irene Pender

Their Fanning session is a favourite round these parts but this newly uncovered demo seems apt given that two members of this band, Fiona and Irene aka The Pender Sisters are to perform on Saturday 28th September at The Steam Punk Club in Dromahair.


From Ballyshannon in Co.Donegal The Wild Herrings are John Kane (guitar), Fiona Pender (vocals and sax), Irene Pender (vocals), Patsy O Kane (bass) and Michael Christie (drums). Apparently their set was one of the highlights of the Hennigans reunion last year.

Love On The Dole


The Malfunctions (part two)

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The Malfunctions have already featured as have The Wild Herrings from whence this Ballyshannon act evolved but they are in my mind because Fiona and Irene Pender again gracing the stage this time as The Pender Sisters. I have yet to read any reviews of those gigs so if anyone would like to drop a line or post some recordings please do. This track is taken from the 1989 Danceline Records compilation Nationwide.

Don’t Kick Me Now (1989)

The Malfunctions

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From Ballyshannon in Co.Donegal The Malfunctions rose from the ashes of The Wild Herrings and featured two members of that band; Fiona Pender (vocals) and Michael Christie (drums). They were joined by David Meade (guitar) and Stephen Gallagher (bass) and released one single for EMI ‘Say Goodbye’ / ‘Party At My Place’ in 1988 and had two tracks on the Danceline Records Nationwide compilation in 1989. They recorded one Fanning Session but we think this track is a demo.

Eastenders (1988)

Someone has been digging through the archives and has posted a recording of The Malfunctions appearance on RTE’s Jo Maxi in 1989 with single ‘Say Goodbye’

The Wild Herrings (1987 Session)

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Updated following some great comments so make sure to read them. Look forward to more feedback and thanks for taking the time to post!

Photo (c) Irene Pender

The Wild Herrings were formed in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal in 1985 and remained active until 1987. The band consisted of John Kane (guitar), Fiona Pender (vocals and sax), Irene Pender (vocals), Patsy O Kane (bass) and Michael Christie (drums). Four of the Wild Herrings went on to form punk-pop group The Malfunctions who reached 27 in the single charts. The Malfunctions (minus singer Fiona) became Georgia who knocked Bryan Adams off number 1 with their single “Sends Me High” on Danceline Records only to be disqualified because too many of the sales were in the north-west of Ireland! Micheal Christie is currently active with The Boxtie Band. I never managed to see them live, maybe they didn’t make it as far south as Limerick but have read of a Bundoran gig. I was lucky enough to catch their Fanning Session though and thankfully record it. The quality isn’t great but hopefully that won’t detract too much from what I think are some standout tunes. Without further ado..

Update: Fiona and Irene are back gigging again as The Pender Sisters and have played a couple of shows in Derry at Sandinos and Cafe Del Mondo. They are playing a post Christmas show in Dicey Reilly’s bar in Ballyshannon on December 27th from 10.30 to 12.30 if you’d like to catch them.

Up Donegal

Buy Me A Drink

Fat Politicians

Crash & Burn