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Visual Eyes – RTE Guide (1986)

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We’ve stumbled across a source of RTE Guides from the 80s so of course we requested articles featuring Dave Fanning. The first hit is an article from August 15th 1986 previewing new TV series ‘Visual Eyes‘. The 40 minute interview with Janis Long on BBC Radio 1 has us intrigued – who were the 28 bands? Our man on the scanner Drama Dave is beavering away on a website so as they say – stay tuned ūüėČ

YouTube Channel & Playlists

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Along with twitter, facebook, soundcloud, mixcloud accounts we also have a YouTube channel. In addition to a few videos rescued¬†from VHS tapes generously sent by readers (there are some ‘No Disco’ tapes outstanding – on the TODO list!) we use playlists to track musical performances¬†we come across from¬†shows close to our hearts e.g.¬†Anything Goes, Visual Eyes, Borderline, Megamix, On The Waterfront¬†and No Disco. If you want to take a trip down memory lane these playlists might be a good starting¬†off point and if you come across clips we missed then drop a line. Whilst on the subject a big thank you to all who have donated and uploaded priceless clips and a major tip of the hat to KillianM2 who continues to do sterling work. Now excuse us – we’re off to add an #MTUSA playlist..

fanning sessions youtube playlists.JPG

At The Window (Visual Eyes)

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Details on Shannon, Co. Clare three piece At The Window remain elusive but thanks to a fellow archivist we now have some video footage. This recording of ‘State Aid’ was for RTE TV show ‘Visual Eyes‘ in 1986. The Fanning session recording of the same song can be found here. If anyone has further details on the band members please leave a comment or send an email. I do wish RTE would put all these 80s music shows online but that’s another matter..

The Classics (Visual Eyes)

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Here’s a clip of The Classics performing on RTE’s ‘Visual Eyes‘ in 1986. If any one has further details on the band please get in touch.

Hothouse Flowers & Maria Doyle on ‘Visual Eyes’ (1986)

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Things have been a little hectic of late hence the lacks of posts round these parts. Feel free to leave a comment if you see something you like, sometimes all it takes is some encouragement to get the wheels moving again. In the meantime here’s another clip from RTE’s 1986 music show ‘Visual Eyes‘, featuring some well known faces as they appeared 25 years ago.

Azure Days (Visual Eyes)

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Azure Days appeared on ‘Visual Eyes’ in 1986 performing ‘Back Down To Justice’.

The Village

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From Waterford The Village were Paddy Jacob (vocals), Mick Heery (guitar), Paul Condon (bass) and Paul Moyser (drums). They released one single ‘Mental State’ in 1986 and they can be seen here performing that song on RTE’s ‘Visual Eyes’ that same year.

Dorian Mood (Visual Eyes)

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Catch Drogheda’s favourite sons Dorian Mood perform ‘Tomorrow’ on RTE’s Visual Eyes in 1986.

One Deaf Ear

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Belfast band One Deaf Ear were formed in 1984 and made their live debut supporting The Pogues at Queen’s University Belfast in September 1985. The band were Michael Madden (vocals, guitar), Brian O’Cuinn (bass, synths), Sean Quinn (synths, vocals, sampler) and Gerard ‘Soupey’ Campbell (drums). TV appearances on BBC Northern Ireland’s ‘Channel One’ and RTE’s ‘Visual Eyes’ followed. Courted by multiple majors, ultimately the band imploded before signing a deal. Read more at the Irish Punk & New Wave Discography. If you any ‘Channel One’ clips or memories please get in touch as I’m intrigued by the show and have very sketchy details. One Deaf Ear recorded a Fanning session on 17th Feb 1986, the tracks were ‘Been So Long’, ‘Giving Up The Ghost’ and ‘Ancient’.

Visual Eyes (1986 – 1987)

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visual eyes 1987

Visual Eyes‘ was an arts series on RTE television “focused on different areas of media and technology” presented by Dave Fanning, directed by Declan Lowney and produced by Billy Magra. It ran for two series from 1986-87. Rock artists that appeared include The Village, Dorian Mood, One Deaf Ear, Hothouse Flowers, That Petrol Emotion, Azure Days, Stars Of Heaven, Those Handsome Devils and Kitsch Is Rich. If you have any video footage from this time please get in touch, maybe we can arrange a swap..

‘Visual Eyes’ YouTube playlist