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The Little Fish (Demo)

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little fish

I had originally credited this track to 33rd Hurricane but Finbarr Doherty of that band says while he would have been proud to have written this song that it was not them. Hopefully some eagle eyed/eared reader will be able to set this record straight in the not too distant future.

Happy to finally announce a successful resolution. Thanks to a kind benefactor who lent us his entire collection of precious Fanning tapes (thank you Thomas!) we came across another recording of this track which identifies the band as Little Fish. Little Fish were Jimmy Fitzgerald (vocals & guitar), Brendan Duffy (guitar), Turlough Moore (bass) and Kieran Joyce (drums). The Galway band recorded a Fanning session in November 1989 so our new mission is to track that down (and maybe a band photo to boot).

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