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Dave Couse – St Patrick’s Day (2016)

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rerun dave couse

St Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be the same without a dose of Dave Couse. Over the years Dave has recorded a number of all Irish music shows, ‘An Teach Solas’ being a loose translation of ‘The Lighthouse’ the name Dave’s show used have back before the suits at TodayFM thought that name was too confusing. Anyway sit back and enjoy 2 hours of good music hosted by our favourite DJ and there’s even a request for you know who;-) Playlist here. Thank you Ferg for the artwork.

An honourable mention goes to Tom Dunne who is hosting what promises to be another entertaining show tonight at 10pm on Newstalk. He has asked his listeners to answer 3 questions and himself and Ken Sweeney will be considering and playing the answers. Tom also promises classic sessions from Future Kings Of Spain, Ten Speed Racer , Gemma Hayes, Ash, Hozier and more. Can all that be done in a mere 2 hours?

1. First Irish act you remember seeing live
2. Best ever Irish band live
3. Fave Irish Artist

Dave Couse – Endless Art / An Teach Solas (2014)

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dave couse

Dave Couse is doing a Saint Patricks Day special this Sunday night from 10pm featuring two hours of tunes by Irish artists. He has form here so be sure to tune in. The current promo for Dave’s show is a 2014 update of ‘Endless Art by A House..

Endless Art (2014)

Dave Couse St Patricks Day 9pm TodayFM

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We like radio specials and Dave Couse is revisiting what we still call ‘An Teach Solas‘ this Sunday for only the third time. He hasnt said too much on the subject but we are hoping for 3 hours of Irish rock music from the last 4 decades all hand chosen by the frontman of Dublin’s A House interspersed with a few anecdotes. An Teach Solas is a loose translation for The Lighthouse which is what Dave’s TodayFM Sunday night show used to be called before the suits became confused. We hope to record the show and post it here for posterity but just in case you’d like to catch it live consider yourselves forewarned.

P.S. Ed Smith producer of the Paul McLoone show and host of ‘Ed’s Indie Disco‘ 10pm Saturday nights on TodayFM is also hosting an all Irish edition for the weekend that’s in it.

Update: Adding the audio for those who missed the show. Tracklist to follow.

An Teach Solas 3.0 (17th March 2013)

Andy White – Religious Persuasion
Undertones – Mars Bars
Blue In Heaven – Just Wanna
Into Paradise – Rain Comes Down
Fatima Mansions – Blues For Ceausescu
The Pale – Joan Of Arc On Broadway
Power Of Dreams – Never Been To Texas
Delorentos – Little Sparks
Brilliant Trees –
Rollerskate Skinny – Speed To My Side
Favourite Sons – Safe For All Seasons
The Frank & Walters – How Can I Exist
Republic Of Music – I Like Music
Simple Kid – Truck On
Morrissey – Suedehead
Thin Lizzy – Dont Believe A Word
Pugwash – Anyone Who Asks
Sinead O’Connor & Shane McGowan – Haunted
Sinead O’Connor – Queen Of Denmark
Stars Of Heaven – Someone Is Getting Tired Of You
Rory Gallagher – Follow Me
U2 – A Sort Of Homecoming
The Infomatics – Wake Up
David Long – London Is Fog
O Emperor – Holy Fool
Whipping Boy – The Honeymoon Is Over
Van Morrison & Chieftains – She Moved Through The Fair
Adrian Crowley – The Wishing Seat
A House – Take It Easy On Me
Boomtown Rats – Looking After Number 1
My Bloody Valentine – If I Am
Electric Penguins – Self Portrait
That Petrol Emotion – Cellophane
David Holmes – Gritty Shaker
The Pogues – If I Should Fall From Grace With God
Microdisney – Are You Happy Now?
Engine Alley – The Flowers
Briana Corrigan – Monster
Horslips – The Man Who Built America
Boa Morte – Tonight She Said
Elvis – Danny Boy

Dave Couse – An Teach Solas (18th March 2012)

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A cracker of a show on Sunday night from Dave Couse on TodayFM for An Teach Solas 2.0. Here’s the playlist and for the next 6 days you can listen back on the TodayFM website, parts one and two. Not sure I would have predicted too many of these choices but am certainly going to be listening back to this show.

The Movement – Tell Her (1967)
The Fatima Mansions – Blues For Ceaucescu
That Petrol Emotion – Candy Love Satellite
Sinead O Connor – Jerusalem
Rollerskate Skinny – Swingboat Yawning
Patrick Kelleher – Miracle Candle
The Frank & Walters – Franks Right
The Radiators From Space – Television Screen
Thin Lizzy – The Farmer (1970)
Gemma Hayes – Hangin Around
Whipping Boy – Favourite Sister
My Bloody Valentine – Strawberry Wine
We Cut Corners – The Leopard
And So I Watch You From Afar – A Little Bit Of Solidarity Goes A Long Way
The Outcasts – Self-Conscious Over You *
Brian – Understand
Taste – Same Old Story
Horslips – The Man Who Built America
The Infomatics – Wake Up
David Holmes – Gritty Shaker
A House – I’ll Always Be Grateful
The Brilliant Trees – Let It All Go
Engine Alley – The Flowers
Paul Clancy – Halo
Briana Corrigan – Angels Cradle
The Undertones – Julie Ocean
Sugar Shack – Morning Dew
The Blades – Revelations Of Heartbreak
The Pogues – Dark Streets Of London
The Divine Comedy – Tailspin
Maskedman – Stupid Earth Boy

* most requested band/song of the night

An Teach Solas (2012)

An Teach Solas 2.0

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Dave Couse (A House) has a TodayFM Sunday night show called The Lighthouse. Two years ago he did an all Irish special called ‘An Teach Solas‘. Dave has now decided it’s time to do a second show in the same vein and is asking his listeners to request their favourite Irish tracks. The show goes out in two weeks on St Patricks weekend from 10pm till midnight on March 18th. Dave has been known to extend the show if he doesnt manage to squeeze everything in and I’m hopeful this might be just one of those occasions. You can email him your requests or text TodayFM during his show next Sunday. He will not be able to play vinyl so if your choice is of that era he’ll need ample notice but he open to accepting MP3 submissions. Let the games begin..

An Teach Solas

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Dave Couse devoted his Sunday night show The Lighthouse on TodayFM to all irish music last night and here’s what he played. I did glean some new information from the show and i have updated one blog post accordingly. I also realised I have not yet posted a track by one band so that will feature tomorrow.

republic of loose – i like music (2008)
radiators from space – television screen (1978)
therapy? – nowhere (1994)
golden horde – 100 boys (1990)
stars of heaven – telescope
the atrix – treasure on the wasteland (1980)
u2 – out of control (1980)
the would be’s – i’m hardly ever wrong (1990)
messiah j and the expert – check the vision (2003)
whipping boy – we dont need nobody else (1995)
blue in heaven – i just wanna (1986)
pugwash – monorail (2009)
microdisney – loftholdings wood (1985)
adrian crowley – season of the sparks (2009)
david holmes – gritty shaker (1997)
the outcasts – self concious over you (1979)
ruefrex – wild colonnial boy (1985)
stiff little fingers – suspect device (1978)
rollerskate skinny – speed to my side (1996)
my bloody valentine – soon (1991)
guernica – orange and red (1986)
sack – song from g (1984?)
that petrol emotion – cellophane (1987)
sinead o connor – nothing compares 2 u (1990)
villagers – the meaning of the ritual (2009)
dubliners or luke kelly – raglan road

An Teach Solas (7th Feb 2010)