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Elvera Butler Interview / Shellshock Rock UCC Downtown Campus (30/6/1979)

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The following is the poster for the screening of Shellshock Rock at the U.C.C. Downtown Campus on June 30th 1979 which also featured live performances from two of the bands featured in the documentary Rudi and The Outcasts. The photo was kindly sent in by John Dundon from Limerick who commented on that Outcasts session post.

That gig was promoted by Elvera Butler, the founder and mastermind behind Reekus Records currently celebrating their 30 year anniversary. Elvera was recently interviewed by @nessymon aka Vanessa Monaghan for her Culture Cafe show on RTE 2fm/2XM. Here is an excerpt from that interview where Elvera talks of the label’s origins.

ELvera Butler (Reekus Records)

Big Self

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From Belfast Big Self were Bernard Tohill (guitar, vocals), Jim Nicholl (guitar), Patrick Sheeran (bass, vocals) and Michael Morris (drums). This single was released in 1981 on Reekus Records but it also features on the upcoming 2 CD compilation ‘Too Late To Stop Now‘. Reekus Records was founded by Elvera Butler who was recently interviewed on Culture Cafe on RTE 2FM and 2XM where the show has a weekly slot. This particular recording was from Mickey Bradley’s ‘After Midnight‘ show which just celebrated 5 years. Mickey’s show has only one rule – he won’t play anything released after 1987. Incidentally Reekus is also the home of ‘It Makes You Want To Spit‘ the definitive story of Northern Irish punk a copy of which no self respecting home should be without. Incidentally Big Self’s ‘Ghost Shirts‘ was the theme tune for RTE’s ‘Visual Eyes‘ in 1985. Big Self recorded a Fanning session on 24th June 1985 featuring tracks ‘Swim’, ‘Guilty’ and ‘The Blue Boat’.

Surprise Surprise (1981)

Reekus Records Retrospective ‘Too Late To Stop Now’

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The most recent addition to our Christmas wish list is a compilation from Reekus Records entitled ‘Too Late To Stop Now’. Celebrating 30 years in business Reekus Records first release was the seminal ‘Kaught at the Kampus‘ featuring Nun Attax, Micro-Disney, Mean Features and Urban Blitz recorded live in August 1980 at The Downtown Kampus Cork (incidentally recently re-released on CD). Reekus Records takes up the story..

The birth of Reekus in 1981 came about through Kaught at the Kampus, a vehicle for four Cork bands who featured regularly in support slots at the Downtown Kampus, a regular club night in the Cork Arcadia ballroom, which was a pivotal gig in the Irish rock scene, and run by Reekus founder Elvera Butler. Regularly hosting top bands of the time such as The Cure, The Stranglers, The Specials, The Beat, UB40, Rory Gallagher, The Undertones, and up-and-coming Irish acts such as U2 and Stiff Little Fingers, the policy was to encourage local bands by giving them support slots to the bigger names, and this gave rise to a dynamic music scene, some of which was captured at an exclusively Cork live show on August 31st 1980. The resultant 12” vinyl mini-album, Kaught at the Kampus, was the first Reekus release, and featured Microdisney, Nun Attax, Mean Features and Urban Blitz, three of whom went on to different levels of success abroad; Microdisney signed to Rough Trade and then Virgin, and later became Fatima Mansions, and members Sean O Hagan then formed the High Llamas, while Cathal Coughlan continues to have a successful solo career. Mean Features vocalist Mick Lynch went on to front Stump in the UK, while Nun Attax changed their name to 5 Go Down to the Sea, and later Beethoven ****Beethoven, with releases on both Setanta and the fledgling Creation Records. During the 80s, with offices in both Dublin and London, Reekus continued to support Irish music, with releases that included The Blades, Big Self, and Aslan among others. The millenium brought new energy with the release of the Blades albums on CD, followed by a new album from Blades’ mainman Paul Cleary, and these were quickly followed by several new signings.

To celebrate their 30th birthday Reekus Records are releasing a 40 track compilation featuring 20 tracks from the vaults available on CD for the first time on CD and featuring unreleased tracks from The Blades and Micro-Disney (later Microdisney). If you check out the Reekus page you can listen to a 1986 Aslan B-side ‘Been So Long’ and the full tracklisting. The CD can be bought online from Dec 12th and will be in the shops on the 16th.

The Blades – Downmarket (1983)
Paul Cleary/The Blades – Stand By Me Now (1985)
The Blades – Sadlands
The Blades – Truth Don’t Hurt (1986)
The Blades – Building A Wasteland (1983) unreleased
Paul Cleary- Stumble Into Love (1983) unreleased
Big Self – Surprise, Surprise (1981)
Big Self – Don’t Turn Around (1982)
Big Self – Reason Smiles (1984)
Aslan – This Is (1986)
Aslan – Please Don’t Stop
Aslan – Been So Long (1986)
Some Kind Of Wonderful – D’You Read My Letter (1982)
Micro-Disney – Victory (1981) unreleased
Micro-Disney – 12 Novembers (1981) unreleased
Nun Attax – Eyeballs (1980)
The Camino Organisation – Human Voices (1982)
Nigel Rolfe – African Flower (1986)
Montage – Who Will Stop The Rain (1987)
Barry Warner – Dancing Without You (1986)

and on CD2:
Paul Cleary – The Queen of Indecision (2002)


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From Finglas in Dublin Montage were originally formed by Emmett O’Reilly (vocals, keyboards) and Martin Greene (keyboards) in 1982. takes up the story

They recorded a Dave Fanning Session for RTE Radio (produced by Ian Wilson, broadcast 15 June 1984, tracks: “The Twenty-First”, “What I Don’t Know”, “Years”, “Blessing From Heaven”, plus at least one more title). RTE offered the original Montage duo a TV-slot based on hearing the demo but backed out when the TV producer (Aongus McAnally of folk-rockers Mushroom) was told that there was no band, just two guys and some synths.

As a result the band decided to add a rhythm section and Montage became a four piece with Damian Corless (bass) and John McManus (drums). They signed to Vixen Records for a one-off single ‘The Twenty-First’ (1982) which they performed on ‘Non-Stop Pop’ on RTE TV.

By 1986 the lineup had reverted to a duo of Dermot Smyth (vocals) and Martin Green (keyboards) and released singles ‘When I Close My Eyes’ (1986), ‘Who Will Stop The Rain’ (1987) and ‘Swansong’ (1987) on Reekus Records.

Who Will Stop The Rain (1987)

The Blades – Live at the SFX (9/11/85)

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The last Blades post was very popular so I think it deserves an encore. Many thanks to Niall for digging this one out..

Live at the SFX (9/11/85)

Last Man In Europe
Real Emotion
If I Go Away
Revelations of Heartbreak
Boy One
Time Waits For No Man
Too Late
Our Secret Dream
Hot for You
Those were the days
Not So Blue
Young, Gifted and Black
Ghost Of A Chance
Last Man In Europe

The Blades (In Concert)

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On Saturday I was enjoying some sunshine listening to Mr Fanning on the tranny talking to Paul Deacy about his trip to the Vespa World Days in Norway. Paul mentioned he was a big fan of The Blades and how he would love to see them perform again. It turns out Paul also runs a well known shop in Galway called ‘Bell Book & Candle‘ which is also home to independent record store Wingnut Records.

Bell Book & Candle is a legend of a shop in Galway. Based in the heart of the city centre next to the Crane bar, this quirky little place specializes in vinyls, comics, records, books and other rarities. A must-see for any Galway visitor, or indeed city-dweller. [super8ireland ]

The interview with Paul is now online and can be heard here:

A day later I received an email from a reader who had just dug out a radio recording of The Blades RTE in concert performance and who kindly offered to digitize and share it. Updating following some comments, the broadcast is from 1985 and is the second of a two part broadcast.

Revelations Of Heartbreak
My Girl
The Time Tunnel
Those Were The Days
I Heard A Cry
Not So Blue (aka Memory Lane)
Same Old Song
Young Gifted And Black

The Blades – In Concert (1985)

The Blades (1981 Session)

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A band that needs no introduction and one that has achieved near mythical status in the Dublin music scene.  The great unsolved mystery is how they didn’t become huge. The original 1977 Blades lineup was Paul Cleary (vocals & bass), his brother Lawrence or Lar Cleary (guitar) and Pat Larkin (drums). They recorded a session for Dave Fanning in 1981 and this track underlines their quality, sounding amazing 30 years on. A second band lineup in 1982 featured Paul Cleary (guitar), Brian Foley ex. The Vipers (bass) and Jake Reilly (drums). Read the bio on the Irish Punk & New Wave Discography for more details. Recommended listening is the ‘Those Were The Days‘  box set which includes their only album release ‘The Last Man In Europe’ (1985) and a second posthumous singles compilation ‘Raytown Revisited. With thanks to ParnellMooney for this particular YouTube upload, checkout ReekusUnfare for some Blades as well as other Reekus artist footage.

Barry Warner

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Photo courtesy

Barry Warner from Limerick was active in a number of bands from 1978 on before going ‘solo’. He recorded a session for Dave Fanning in 1985 before releasing debut single ‘Real Man’. The response was “staggering with huge airplay for both the single and the video” and the song reached number 29 in the irish charts in December 1985. Three further singles followed; ‘Dancing Without You’, ‘What’s Happenin’ and ‘Just A Floor’. There followed a vocal stint with The Prunes (formerly The Virgin Prunes). In 1990 Warner recorded a version of ‘Sound & Vision’ with producer Pat Donne which elicited a positive note from none other than David Bowie himself. In 1992 Warner, disillusioned with the continued lack of commercial success retired restricting his musical forays to DJing. In 2007 he started recording again and you can hear the results on his MySpace page. For some historical context check out ‘Notes on an Irish disco landscape‘ by Paul Tarpey at Jim carroll’s ‘On The Record‘ blog.

What’s Happenin (1988)