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Paul Cleary (2013 Interviews)

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(c) Sunday Times

Photo (c) Sunday Times

George Byrne, Irish Independent (22/11/2013)
Declan Lynch, Sunday Independent (24/11/2013) (24/11/2013)

Tom Dunne, Newstalk (4/12/2013)

Ray D’Arcy Show, TodayFM (28/11/2013)

John Caddell, ‘Finest Worksongs’ Phantom FM (28/11/2013)

Sixty years of Irish music tribes

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The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has had a hand in a number of interesting retro radio documentaries of late and this Phantom 105.2 exemplar is no exception. Titled ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit‘ it’s billed as “a four-part documentary series exploring the evolution of music tribes in Ireland over the last sixty years”.
The impressive list of contributors includes Eamon Carr, Garry O’Neill (‘Where Were You?‘), Alison O’Donnell (Mellow Candle), Dara Higgins (The Jimmy Cake), Stompin’ George, Mim Scala (Author of ‘Diary Of A Teddy Boy‘), Laura Lee-Conboy, Daragh O’ Halloran (Author of ‘Green Beat: The Forgotten Era of Irish Rock‘) and legendary mod – Irish Jack Lyons, plus many many more.

Episode 1: ‘The Peacocks Come To Town‘ (50’s and 60’s)
Teddy Boys, Rockers, Mods, Hippies

Episode 2: ‘Sticking The Boot In‘ (70’s)
Skinheads, Punks and the Rockabilly revival

Episode 3: ‘The Streets Are Alive‘ (80’s)
Mod revival, Psychobilly, New Romantics, Goths, Metallers, B-boys/Hip-Hop

Episode 4: ‘Where Have All The Tribes Gone?‘ (90’s to now)
Ravers, Grungers, Emo’s, Hipsters