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Paul PJ McCartney (2016 Demo)

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pj mccartney - jim cunningham

Paul PJ McCartney photo (c) Jim Cunningham

We’ve long been fans of Derry’s Bam Bam & The Calling and the subsequent projects of it’s band members (Rare, Deadly Engines, The Gatefolds). We were very lucky to witness a recent solo outing by Paul which impressed by the number of new songs in the set. Today’s track is a few years old and featured on a mixtape compiled by Paul which we hope he doesn’t mind us sharing. It was recorded by Paul with his brothers Gavin and Rion in the summer of 2016. This post is dedicated to all the sung and unsung heroes on the frontline helping us get through the apocalypse in which we now find ourselves. Stay safe everyone.

Paul PJ McCartney – Unity Light Dissolve (2016)

Interview with Hunter Davies editor of The John Lennon Letters

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On Saturday 8th December 2012 Dave Fanning interviewed Hunter Davies on his RTE 2fm Saturday morning show. Hunter is author of the only authorised Beatles biography and is editor of the recently published John Lennon Letters. In a long and wide ranging interview Dave impresses Hunter with his knowledge and plays some archive recordings of Paul McCartney and Cynthia Lennon.

Hunter Davies (2012)