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Midwich Cuckoos (1987 Session)

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From Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, the Midwich Cuckoos were Marty McElroy (bass and vocals), Frank McGirr & David Meade. Marty was previously in a 2 piece called Verbal Shark Stampede with Alec McGinley (guitar) and a drum machine. They recorded this session for Dave Fanning in 1987. Thank you Daithi for the band details and Irene for the correction.

Smell Of Petrol (1987)

Image Impression (1987)

Sold Religion (1987)

Birthday Cracker (1987)

Midwich Cuckoos (Demo)

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Not many details to hand I’m afraid, not to be confused with the UK act of the same name, the Midwich Cuckoos were from Donegal and this is a demo that Dave Fanning played on his show in the early 80s. Even the Great Irish Rock Discography has few details so if you can remember the band or indeed were in the band we’d love to hear from you..

Wonderful‘ (Demo)