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Mexican Pets (1995 Session)

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Mexican Pets
In an alternate universe yours truly would have a monthly show on RTÉ 2XM dedicated to digging through the Fanning sessions lost in their archives. Realistically that is the only conceivable way that any of the obscure delights which therein languish will ever see the light of day. The sessions that do occasionally appear are those by acts that went on to major success such as The Cranberries who have included their 2fm sessions on the 25th anniversary reissue of ‘Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? ’. The odd track does appear, hand picked for a niche release on a boutique label, possibly thanks to efforts of this very website. The sessions of many, many other bands however remain overlooked.

Today’s track was rescued from said vaults by recent IMRO Hall of Fame inductee Ian Wilson for the Dan Hegarty show on March 17th 2013.

Mexican Pets were Pat Clafferty (guitar, vocals), Derrick Dalton / John Duff (bass guitar), Fionan O Leary (drums) and Jill Hahn / Brian Gough (guitar, vocals, organ).

Photo via Scout Releases. The other tracks recorded for the session were ‘Mackerel Sky High’ – with an extended middle, a cover of ‘Embarrassment’ and ‘Secret Saviour’. If you have the remaining session tracks we would love to hear from you.

Mexican Pets – Where’s My Pony (1995)

The Riordans (Session)

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From Dublin, The Riordans were Pat Clafferty (vocals/acoustic guitar), Jill Hahn (guitar) Damien Byrne (bass) and Milo Madden (drums). They recorded one Fanning Session but never released any record, though Mother Records approached them to record a single, which they did in Windmill Lane, but alas it never saw the light of day. Pat and Jill went on to form Mexican Pets.

These song titles are guesses so please correct me if you know better..

Lay Down Your Burden


Which Road To Go