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The Last Night Shift / Night Train

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On the occasion of the last ever Night Shift and Night Train shows Gerry Ryan and Mark Cagney splashed out on champagne and chips to send off their respective shows in a befitting style. This might bring back a few memories..

The Last Night Shift (1988)

Mark Cagney – R.E.M & Tom Waits album reviews (1987)

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While watching the recent ‘A Little Bit TV’ RTETV50 profile on Mark Cagney I remembered that I had an old tape of a Sunday review show Mark had on RTE Radio 2 (as 2fm was known back in 1987). On the show in question Mark reviewed a number of albums I was interested in hence the recording. The albums reviewed were ‘Strangeways, Here We Come‘ by The Smiths, ‘Document‘ by R.E.M. and ‘Franks Wild Years‘ by Tom Waits. Two of the reviews were intact on the recording and you can hear these below. In case you missed and are retro inclined the documentary is well worth checking out. Mark Cagney’s Night Train was essential bedtime listening for a period in my formative years but I have no recordings of that show.

‘Document’ and ‘Franks Wild Years’ reviewed (1987)