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Gavin Friday & Maria McKee (1992)

Posted in live, Music, session with tags , , , on July 5, 2010 by Fanning Sessions

gavin friday & maria mckee

We recently came across a tape recording of a Gerry Ryan Unplugged show, where Gerry devoted an hour to live recordings of tracks performed by guests on his show over the previous 12 months. These guests included Gavin Friday & Maria McKee, Honor Heffernan, Luka Bloom, Frances Black & Kieran Goss, Nigel Kennedy, The Golden Horde and The 4 Of Us. I most recently came across Gerry Ryan or rather a documentary he narrated and which was first broadcast on 31st January 1981 ‘No Time To Be 21‘ which explored the punk scene in Ireland. A contributor to that documentary was Gavin Friday who was in town recently for a performance of WB Yeats with Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill at the National Library. The track Gavin and Maria performed on the Gerry Ryan show in 1992 was most recently performed at Carnegie Hall where Gavin celebrated his 50th birthday with a host of well known guests (pictured).

Ballad Of Immoral Earnings (1992)