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Gavin Is God

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Okay back to posting tracks of bands I know absolutely nothing about. Today it’s the turn of Gavin Is God and a demo track from them shortly before they played support to Real Time Motion in some place called The Baggot..

Small Men


Toasted Heretic

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A slight departure from normal broadcasting today in light of all this talk of irish indie moments over at Hot Press. Sending off £4.99 in 1986 to a postal address in Galway for a copy of Toasted Heretic‘s cassette release Songs For Swinging Celibates was definitely a seminal moment. For the princely sum of £400 irish punts said intrepid band recorded and released an album which caught Dave Fanning and the public’s imagination:


by Julian Gough, singer and novelist.

We were all on the dole. Ireland was banjaxed.

I worked, that summer, in an old Jesuit seminary in Spain, teaching English to the children of the rich. I returned with £400, and opened the Toasted Heretic bank account. We would record and release an album. For £400… We recorded it in Neil’s living room, on cassette. Neil’s mum made us tea whenever we stopped. Gareth did the sleeve, for £20. (He offered to do it for nothing, but that didn’t seem fair.) We printed a few thousand inlays for £240. Just the red and blue, to save £40. We drew in the yellow by hand.

We hadn’t enough money left to mix the album onto a 1/4″ master tape. So I found the RTE studio in Galway, walked in, and asked could we use their mixing desk, to mix our album onto 1/4″ tape. Their tape. Amused, they rang Dublin and asked Ian Wilson, the producer of the Dave Fanning Show, to officially book us in as a Dave Fanning session. We mixed the album to 1/4″, they made another 1/4″ copy for Dave Fanning, and gave us our precious reel… We had a master, and Dave could play us on the radio. Now we just had to make a lot of albums. But we only had a hundred quid left…

As the bank account emptied and we still had no album, I would lie awake at night, pouring cold sweat. Vinyl was far too expensive (you had to pay for metal pressing plates), CD even more expensive. Cassette, then. So we had a hundred cassettes made, for a hundred quid. But we had no distribution…

So I asked would they take some in Gateway Books on Quay Street. Face out, strikingly sleeved, they sold well. Then Star Records took them… Then, to Dublin by bus, and Comet Records in Temple Bar took fifteen… We sold the first hundred, paid for two hundred more, sold them, paid for 400… Dave Fanning was playing us, and reading out Neil’s address! Five pound notes came through the post! We’d send them a cassette and a free packet of Tayto. Soon, we had enough money saved to record another album. Back into Neil’s livingroom… His mum put on the kettle. The room was full of love. And Toasted Heretic began to record Charm & Arrogance…

Black Contact Lenses

Love Theme From Yeats The Movie

Toasted Heretic also recorded a Fanning Session but I have have so far been unable to track it down. If you have a copy and would like to share it please drop a line to fanningsessions at gmail dot com. To hear what they sounded like live wander over here.

Shimpu Zig Zag

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Continuing the Cork theme Shimpu Zig Zag were a trio formed in 1985 by Liam Shanahan, John Shanahan and Jerry Fehily and joined in 1986 by Liam Murphy. I suspect today’s tracks were actually singles but I hope they are suitably obscure to merit inclusion. I don’t know why they spilt after only two singles but Jerry Fehily did end up joining The Hothouse Flowers. Photo courtesy

Passion Play (1985)

Mayday (1986)

Flex And The Fastweather (1985 Session)

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flex & fastweatherOriginally from Cork but later Dublin based, Flex And The Fastweather at the time of the Fanning session were Paul Tiernan (vocals & guitar), Maurice Seezer aka The Man Seezer (keyboards), John O Sullivan (bass), Earl Gill Jnr (drums), John Stokes (guitar), Mandy Murphy and Carolyn Fox (backing vocals). Wayne Sheehy was on drums for ‘Behind The Wire’, followed by Dave Whyte circa single ‘The Darkness’, followed by John Donaghy when Flex took up a residency in of all places Stockholm, Sweden. All three tracks here I believe were from that Fanning session. ‘Whatever Happens To Girls Like Alice’ later appeared on the RTE Radio 2 / Hot Press Street Carnival Rock EP in 1986. ‘The Darkness’ appeared as a single in 1986 and there was one further single ‘Stan’ in 1987 according to The Irish Punk And New Wave Discography. Paul Tiernan has been active as a solo artist and has released 4 albums as well as appearing on irish TV as a member of Interference on RTE’s Other Voices series. Watch him interviewed and performing on TV3’s Ireland:AM. Maurice Seezer went on to collaborate with Gavin Friday contributing on a number of soundtracks including ‘In The Name Of The Father‘.

The Darkness

Behind The Wire

Whatever Happens To Girls Like Alice

The Onion Peelers

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From Dublin todays track is a song from a demo circa 1988 by The Onion Peelers..

Nine Nine Nine

The Hitchers (1989 Demo)

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hitchers 1990

From Limerick The Hitchers appear to be semi active despite calling it a day in Feb 2001. This demo dates from 1989 and was delivered to The Fanning Show on DAT. Check out the wiki or read more about the band on their website. No mention over on the IPNWD for some reason. They recorded sessions for both Dave Fanning and John Peel in 1997 (making it to 21 of the Festive Fifty the same year with Strachan) and released numerous EPs and LPs. The lineup for the Peel session in 1997 was Andy Gallagher (lead guitar), Niall Quinn (drums, backing vocals), Eric Fitzgerald (guitar) and Hoss Carnage (bass) but this demo their first dates from 1989.

All This Everything (demo)

The Riordans

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My memory has failed me on this one so I’m appealing for help. This song has been going round in my head all weekend so I’m going to share despite not knowing it’s title or origin.

Updated 23 July 2009 following a tipoff from Summerproject and an email exchange with Pat:

Comprising Pat Clafferty (vocals/acoustic guitar), Jill Hahn (guitar), Damien Byrne (bass) and Milo Madden (drums) The Riordans recorded at least three songs as part of this session, the others were ‘Which Road to Go?’ and ‘Dustbowl Dress’. They recorded a single for Mother Records in Windmill Lane which alas never saw the light of day. Jill and Pat went on to form Mexican Pets and were soon joined by Derrick Dalton of Hey Paulette on bass but that’s another story.

Blue Blue Blue