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Imelda’s Boyfriend (Demo)

Posted in Music with tags on May 14, 2018 by Fanning Sessions

Imeldas Boyfriend - Hot Press.JPG

Maurice from Imelda’s Boyfriend was recently in touch and kindly provided details of the band, photos and an additional track. The first demo we featured was recorded by the original lineup of the band. Today’s track was recorded some time later following John’s departure and the lineup was Maurice Kelly (vocals / guitar), Terry Rainey (guitar), Paul Flanagan (bass) and Sean O’Connor (drums / backing vocals). At some stage Paul left to be replaced by Morgan Hughes (bass). Dave Fanning featured ‘Down The Stairs’ a number of times on his radio show which may or may not have led to the Hot Press gig advertised above.  The 2 other bands on the night were Electric Banana, a French / Irish act and Manor Park Project from Sligo. Maurice, Terry and Sean were later in Northlight Razorblade. Maurice was recently interviewed by Roque over at Cloudberry Records where he shares fond memories of The Underground and the scene at that time.

Down The Stairs (Demo)

Imelda’s Boyfriend (1990 Demo)

Posted in Music with tags on August 29, 2017 by Fanning Sessions

imeldas boyfriendImelda’s Boyfriend were John Hoverty (vocals & guitar), Terry Rainey (guitar), Maurice Kelly (bass) and Sean O’Connor (drums). John left the band a little while after the recording and Maurice took over vocals and guitar.  Paul Flanagan joined and took over on bass and was replaced by Morgan Hughes after Paul left. Maurice, Terry and Sean were later in Northlight Razorblade who recorded an as yet unlocated Pete Holidai produced Fanning session. Maurice and Terry were also in $1000 Wedding another band we need to add to the archive. This demo was played by Dave Fanning circa 1990.  Thank you Maurice for the details and the photo!

Smile (1990)