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Toasted Heretic / The Divine Comedy (Melody Maker 1/2/1992)

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Here’s another post of interest from that 1992 issue of Melody Maker. This time it’s a live review of a gig in Borderline, London and the featured acts are Toasted Heretic and The Divine Comedy.

The Divine Comedy (Dave Fanning 1996)

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In 1996 flush with the success of hit single ‘Something for the Weekend’ Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy dropped into the RTE studios for a chat with Dave Fanning where he played a few tunes for good measure. Many thanks to the excellent ‘a short site‘ for providing this recording, a high quality version of which can be found here. If anyone has a copy of the 1989 Fanning session we would love to hear it.

Becoming More Like Alfie

Interview Part 1

‘When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe’

Interview Part 2

Songs Of Love

Divine Comedy (Eclectic Ballroom 1998)

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divine comedy.jpg

Fans of Neil Hannon / The Divine Comedy are sure to enjoy this show from the archives. It dates from 11th August 1998 when Neil dropped in to the TodayFM studios to talk to John Kelly about the upcoming Divine Comedy album ‘Fin De Siecle‘ and to chose some favourite songs. John Kelly’s show at that time was the ‘Eclectic Ballroom’ which he presented until 2000 when he moved to RTE to drive the ‘Mystery Train‘.

The Divine Comedy – Life On Earth (Fin De Siecle)
The Walker Brothers – The Electrician
The Divine Comedy – Sunrise
John Coltrane – A Love Supreme
The Divine Comedy – Thrill Seeker
The Divine Comedy – Commuter Love
Ginny Arnell – I Wish I Knew What Dress To Wear (1964)
The Simpsons – Who Needs The Kwik-E-Mart?
The Divine Comedy – National Express
Prince – If I Was Your Girlfriend
The Divine Comedy – Sweden
Nino Rota – Something from ‘La Strada’

Eclectic Ballroom (11th August 1998)