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Pat’s Tapes

Posted in Music with tags , , on January 5, 2018 by Fanning Sessions

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Over the years we have been fortunate to come across a number of folk generous enough to entrust us with their tape collections. Lightning struck again recently when producer/director/presenter Pat O’Mahony dropped 103 demo tapes from his personal collection on our doorstep. Regular listeners to the Dave Fanning show in the years 1990 to 1997 will recognise Pat as a frequent stand-in on the show. Check out this recent interview for the debut episode of Pat’s Off Message podcast.

We are currently in the process of cataloging the tapes before digitising begins. Thanks to Pat and to Dan Boyle for his assistance.

A special thank you also to all previous donors, without whom, this site would have long ago shut up shop.

Acts featured: serious women, a hero’s welcome, a house, a.d.(aiken drum?), an emotional fish, andrew bass, any crowded ceiling, beauty and the beast, bird, blink, blue angels, brat, burning embers, cactus world news, candy apple red, candyshop, captain hex, colour tide, comtape 7, dandy, david o’donovan / mystery sandwich, denis keegan, dignam & goff, dogabone, dostoevesky lose its flavour on the bedpost overnight?, eye spy, fountainhead, freres jackman, ghost of an american airman, gift, hank halfhead, honey rider, honeythieves / toasted heretic / tiberious minnows / precious stones / a house / sharon shannon, idol joy, ill dependants & the kathleens, inteference, intoxicating rhythm section, jerusalem, johnny dickinson, juniper, junk museum, just a philistine, kendals, kieron, leslie dowdall, lir, little fish, luxury, Mississippi Mermaids, my favourite things, nationwide 3, no sweat, ode to a blackman, peach, peach, perri coma, pierce turner, premonition, r, razorlove, rex & dino, rollerskate skinny, scale the heights, sugar candy mountain, swampsshack, swim demo, the bar flys, the believers, the belsonic sound, the brood, the caroline shout, the deep end, the dixons, the fat lady sings, the foremen, the little fish, the lost soul band, the outpatients, the pale, the sleep walkers, the stunning, the sun gods, the way it is, the whoopsadaisies, this certain kind, tony healy, too much for the whiteman, uncertain trumpet.

YouTube Channel & Playlists

Posted in Music, TV with tags , , , , , , on October 25, 2016 by Fanning Sessions

Along with twitter, facebook, soundcloud, mixcloud accounts we also have a YouTube channel. In addition to a few videos rescued from VHS tapes generously sent by readers (there are some ‘No Disco’ tapes outstanding – on the TODO list!) we use playlists to track musical performances we come across from shows close to our hearts e.g. Anything Goes, Visual Eyes, Borderline, Megamix, On The Waterfront and No Disco. If you want to take a trip down memory lane these playlists might be a good starting off point and if you come across clips we missed then drop a line. Whilst on the subject a big thank you to all who have donated and uploaded priceless clips and a major tip of the hat to KillianM2 who continues to do sterling work. Now excuse us – we’re off to add an #MTUSA playlist..

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Tom’s Tapes

Posted in Music with tags , on October 4, 2014 by Fanning Sessions

Here are a bunch of the tapes we’ve been busy with over the last few months. If you’d like to help please have a look and see if you can pick out any lost gems/sessions that deserve some airtime. Thank you Thomas for lending us your priceless archive – we are almost done!

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Tapes Wanted

Posted in Music with tags , , , , , , on November 25, 2012 by Fanning Sessions

Like the BBC who recently had a tape amnesty we too are on the lookout for listener recordings. Be it Dave Fanning sessions or interviews, BP Fallon Orchestras, Mark Cagney Nighttrains, Pat Kenny Record Cabinets we’d love to hear from you. Of particular interest are those lost bands that that the internet has no record of. Many of these acts can be already found on this site but our work is not yet done. If you have tapes in the attic now might be a good time to dig them out, give them a listen, and even better convert them to a digital form and send us a copy so that we can share with like minded souls. The device shown above from ALDI is an inexpensive option for those who no longer have a tape deck. If you still have your good deck all you need is a cheap cable to connect it to a computer where a free application like Audacity can record and convert to MP3. There are many articles that explain how to do this and we will gladly help in any way we can.

We should probably clarify that we use a Yamaha deck into a Sony PCM-M10 for converting our recordings. An inexpensive setup but one which offers a very good return. Just don’t forget to have the cleaning alcohol and some cotton buds to hand.