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HMV Ireland Playlist CDs (2003-2007)

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We like a good compilation CD and HMV Ireland were responsible for a very nice series beginning back in 2003. The CDs were given free if a featured CD was purchased instore. The first one in particular was very popular round these parts and introduced a number of up and coming Irish acts. Thank you to Brendan of the excellent Irish Music Central who documented these compilations. Thanks also to for details of Playlist 7 and 10.

HMV Playlist #1 – SDRI01A (Mar 2003)

01. Bell X1 – Snakes & Snakes
02. Halite – Sunny Days
03. Paddy Casey – Anyone Who’s Yet To Come (Live)
04. Perry Blake – Ordinary Day
05. Mark Geary – Suzanne
06. Future Kings Of Spain – Traps
07. Ten Speed Racer – I Just Don’t Wanna
08. The Frames – Rent Day Blues (Live)
09. Damien Dempsey – Apple Of My Eye
10. Damien Rice – Lonelily
11. The Tycho Brahe – Your House From Mine
12. Mundy – Rainbow (Live)
13. Mic Christopher – Kid’s Song
14. Roesy – Rain In The Deepest Root


HMV Playlist #2 – SDRI02A (Oct 2003)

01. The Thrills – One Horse Town
02. The Undertones – Thrill Me
03. Snow Patrol – Whatever’s Left
04. Simple Kid – Kids Don’t Care
05. Ann Scott – Start
06. Relish – In Every Man There Is A Child
07. El Diablo – Take Me Down
08. La Rocca – Sing, Song, Sung
09. Decadence – Greed (Radio Mix)
10. Martin Finke – Private Parades
11. Paddy Casey – Self Servin’ Society
12. Iain Archer – Running In Dreams
13. Susan Enan – Moonlight
14. Cara Dillon – There Were Roses
15. The Tycho Brahe – Made In The Fire
16. The Dudley Corporation – New Song For You
17. Damien Dempsey – Factories
18. Woodstar – The King
19. Autamata – Out Of This


HMV Playlist #3 – SDRI03A (Mar 2004)

01. Mundy – Son Of A Gun
02. NPB – I’m Not Square
03. Pony Club – Buried In The Suburbs
04. Saville – All In The Mind
05. The Divine Comedy – The Happy Goth
06. Stand – When Fate Becomes You
07. Alphastates – Addicted
08. Juliet Turner – The Signal And The Noise
09. Rubyhorse – She Brings Me Only Sorrow
10. Cathy Davey – Come Over
11. Dr. Millar
12. Pauline Scanlon – The Springhill Mining Disaster
13. Ger Wolfe – Heaven Paints Her Holy Mantle Blue
14. Tracer AMC – Flux And Form


HMV Playlist #4 – SDRI04A (Oct 2004)

01. Paddy Casey – The Lucky One (Demo)
02. Mundy – Love And Confusion
03. Roesy – Hell Bent On You
04. Rodrigo Y Gabriela – Foc
05. Albert Niland – Centresphere
06. Hothouse Flowers – Feel Like Living
07. Picturehouse – Meet Me
08. Future Kings Of Spain – 1981
09. The Shades – Explosive
10. Republic Of Loose – Hold Up!
11. Ash – Evil Eye
12. Life After Modelling – December 21st
13. Juno Falls – This Song Is Your Own


HMV Playlist #5 – SDRI05A (Mar 2005)

01. David Kitt – All Night Long
02. Declan O’Rourke – We Didn’t Mean To Go To Sea
03. The Radio – Remember Me, Remember You
04. Jape – Floating
05. Blink – The Tiny Magic Indian
06. The Devlins – Someday
07. Mark Geary – Morphine
08. Pete Pamf – Tripping In The Meadow
09. Saucy Monky – Good Day Down
10. Bronagh Gallagher – Precious Soul
11. Q – Carol
12. The Redneck Manifesto – Take On Us
13. Jessie & Layla – Nearly Over Now
14. Perry Blake – We Are Not Stars
15. The Frames – Happy
16. Mundy – Too High
17. Sean Needham – Throw It To The Wind
18. Music From The 4th Place – Sunshine
19. The Walls – Drowning Pool


HMV Playlist #6 – SDRI06A (Oct 2005)

01. Joe Chester – Charlie For A Girl
02. Gary Dunne – Amerikan Folk Song
03. Nick Kelly – You’re Gonna Fall
04. Damien Dempsey – Party On (Live)
05. Salthouse – One Eye Open
06. The Devlins – Coinleach Glas An Fhómhair
07. Juliet Turner – Vampire
08. God Is An Astronaut – All Is Violent, All Is Bright
09. Charlotte Hatherley – Kim Wilde
10. Emmett Tinley – Snow Dome
11. Tadhg Cooke – Wax & Seal
12. Brian Kennedy feat. Juliet Turner – The Island
13. Sharon Shannon / Frankie Gavin / Michael McGoldrick / Jim Murray – Billy In The Low Ground
14. John Spillane – Hey Dreamer
15. Brian Flanagan – Lazy Days
16. Jerry Fish & The Mudbug Club – Wake Up Call


HMV Playlist #7 – SDRI07A (Mar 2006)

01. Hal – Worry About The Wind
02. The Amazing Pilots – The Price Of Winter
03. Rulers Of The Planet – On A Wheel
04. Mono Band – Brighter Sky
05. Halfset – I Can
06. Bird – Slowly, Slowly
07. Annette Buckley – Whirlwind
08. Sean O’Riada – Planxty Johnston
09. John Spillane – I’m Moving On
10. Duke Special – Last Night I Nearly Died
11. Dry County – Lost Now
12. The Revs – Ode To St. Suzie
13. The Walls – Passing Through
14. Nigel Mooney – Beautiful Day
15. Altan – Eirigh’s Cuir Ort Do Chuid Eadaigh
16. Wire Daisies – Everyman
17. HoneyRiders – Colour


HMV Playlist #8 – SDRI08A (Oct 2006)

01. David Hopkins – I Can’t Speak Your Name
02. Delorentos – Any Other Way
03. Toasted Heretic – LSD (Isn’t What It Used To Be)
04. Turn – Sorry’s Just A Word
05. Claire Sproule – Flame
06. The Chalets – Two Chord Song
07. The Guggenheim Grotto – Told You So
08. Autamata – The Tap
09. Windings – Bubbles
10. Christie Hennessy – Better That Way
11. Sharon Shannon – Courtin’ In The Kitchen
12. The Frank And Walters – Fast Anthony
13. Marc Carroll – Love Over Gold
14. Gemma Hayes – Tomorrow


HMV Playlist #9 – SDRI09A (Mar 2007)

01. Cane 141 – 1-10 And Back Again
02. Don Mescall – Son To Father
03. Noelie McDonnell – Stars
04. Roesy – Shake The Devil Down
05. Julie Feeney – Autopilot
06. Gemma Hayes – Undercover
07. Aslan – Fall On Me
08. Claire Sproule – Wondering
09. Cara Dillon – Never In A Million Years
10. The Saw Doctors – An Cailin Sin
11. giveamanakick – Bobby Dazzler


HMV Playlist #10 – SDRI10A (Oct 2007)

01. Boss Volenti – Can’t Seem To Find A Way
02. The Divine Comedy – To Die A Virgin
03. Berkeley – Bleeding Heart
04. The Answer – Come Follow Me
05. Leya – On All My Sundays
06. StoneOcean – One Scratch Away
07. Director – She’s Saying Things [Demo Version]
08. The Marshals – Make Her Cry
09. Humanzi – Six Gun
10. The Blizzards – Trouble


Tesco/HotPress Electric Picnic 2013 CD

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I’m a sucker for magazines with free CDs, and when it’s a compilation of Irish acts I can’t help myself. If you buy the latest Electric Picnic issue of Hot Press at your local TESCO you will get a free CD featuring Gavin James, SOAK, Maud in Cahoots, Young Wonder, slow skies, Ultan Conlon, Little Bear, RSAG and Le Galaxie.



Strange Passion – Explorations in Irish Post Punk, DIY and Electronic Music 1980-83

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The first ever compendium of Irish post punk and new wave – featuring extensive liner notes, rare photos with the full participation of the featured artists and bands.

Released on Cache Cache a new post-punk record label set up by Finders Keepers dedicated to seeking out shyly excitable electric pop music from the not too distant past.

Focusing on a three year period from 1980 to 1983, Strange Passion is a compilation of rare, unheralded and unreleased Irish music that emerged after the first wave of punk and new wave bands. A time when the raw primitive sounds of punk began to absorb new ideas and technologies and emerging acts were reaching audiences on an unprecedented scale thanks to new magazines such as Hot Press and Heat, RTE Radio 2 and it’s Fanning Sessions, as well as new youth magazine programmes on national TV like Anything Goes. Access to UK’s broadcasting and magazine cultural behemoths (Peel, NME, Morley etc.) as well as touring bands such as The Clash and PIL also played their part in creating an appetite for this thrilling new subculture and soon venues such as The Magnet, Dandelion and Project Arts Centre in Dublin and Kampus in Cork became significant live music hubs.

The 14 rare and seldom-travelled Irish post-punk, DIY and electro oddities were compiled from limited privately pressed vinyl and home made cassette by resident B-Music Dublin DJ Darren McCreesh for Cache Cache Records, a new label set up by international crate diggers Finders Keepers:

1. Dogmatic Element – Just Friends
2. The Threat – High cost of living
3. Chant! Chant! Chant!- Play Safe
4. Virgin Prunes – Twenty Tens (i’ve been smoking all night long)
5. Operating Theatre – Austrian
6. Stano – Town
7. The Peridots – No Water
8. Choice – Always In Danger
9. Ph – Last Days
10. Major Thinkers – Avenue B
11. SM Corporation – Accentuate
12. SM Corporation – Fire from above
13. Tripper Humane – Discoland
14. Operating Theatre – Eighties Rampwalk (Fanning Session)

Released 13th July 2012 on Cache Cache (Finders Keepers)

And of course of local interest is the excellent Fanning session track ..

Operating Theatre – Eighties Rampwalk (Fanning Session)

Reekus Records Retrospective ‘Too Late To Stop Now’

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The most recent addition to our Christmas wish list is a compilation from Reekus Records entitled ‘Too Late To Stop Now’. Celebrating 30 years in business Reekus Records first release was the seminal ‘Kaught at the Kampus‘ featuring Nun Attax, Micro-Disney, Mean Features and Urban Blitz recorded live in August 1980 at The Downtown Kampus Cork (incidentally recently re-released on CD). Reekus Records takes up the story..

The birth of Reekus in 1981 came about through Kaught at the Kampus, a vehicle for four Cork bands who featured regularly in support slots at the Downtown Kampus, a regular club night in the Cork Arcadia ballroom, which was a pivotal gig in the Irish rock scene, and run by Reekus founder Elvera Butler. Regularly hosting top bands of the time such as The Cure, The Stranglers, The Specials, The Beat, UB40, Rory Gallagher, The Undertones, and up-and-coming Irish acts such as U2 and Stiff Little Fingers, the policy was to encourage local bands by giving them support slots to the bigger names, and this gave rise to a dynamic music scene, some of which was captured at an exclusively Cork live show on August 31st 1980. The resultant 12” vinyl mini-album, Kaught at the Kampus, was the first Reekus release, and featured Microdisney, Nun Attax, Mean Features and Urban Blitz, three of whom went on to different levels of success abroad; Microdisney signed to Rough Trade and then Virgin, and later became Fatima Mansions, and members Sean O Hagan then formed the High Llamas, while Cathal Coughlan continues to have a successful solo career. Mean Features vocalist Mick Lynch went on to front Stump in the UK, while Nun Attax changed their name to 5 Go Down to the Sea, and later Beethoven ****Beethoven, with releases on both Setanta and the fledgling Creation Records. During the 80s, with offices in both Dublin and London, Reekus continued to support Irish music, with releases that included The Blades, Big Self, and Aslan among others. The millenium brought new energy with the release of the Blades albums on CD, followed by a new album from Blades’ mainman Paul Cleary, and these were quickly followed by several new signings.

To celebrate their 30th birthday Reekus Records are releasing a 40 track compilation featuring 20 tracks from the vaults available on CD for the first time on CD and featuring unreleased tracks from The Blades and Micro-Disney (later Microdisney). If you check out the Reekus page you can listen to a 1986 Aslan B-side ‘Been So Long’ and the full tracklisting. The CD can be bought online from Dec 12th and will be in the shops on the 16th.

The Blades – Downmarket (1983)
Paul Cleary/The Blades – Stand By Me Now (1985)
The Blades – Sadlands
The Blades – Truth Don’t Hurt (1986)
The Blades – Building A Wasteland (1983) unreleased
Paul Cleary- Stumble Into Love (1983) unreleased
Big Self – Surprise, Surprise (1981)
Big Self – Don’t Turn Around (1982)
Big Self – Reason Smiles (1984)
Aslan – This Is (1986)
Aslan – Please Don’t Stop
Aslan – Been So Long (1986)
Some Kind Of Wonderful – D’You Read My Letter (1982)
Micro-Disney – Victory (1981) unreleased
Micro-Disney – 12 Novembers (1981) unreleased
Nun Attax – Eyeballs (1980)
The Camino Organisation – Human Voices (1982)
Nigel Rolfe – African Flower (1986)
Montage – Who Will Stop The Rain (1987)
Barry Warner – Dancing Without You (1986)

and on CD2:
Paul Cleary – The Queen of Indecision (2002)