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The Donnelly Bros (Demo)

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The Donnelly Brothers from Belfast featured here almost three years ago so it’s probably safe to post another track. Not quite sure of the title but it’s definitely not on the Myspace page so we could be looking at something reasonably obscure. I apparently saw the aforementioned brothers perform as they toured Ireland supporting The Wedding Present on their 1988 Irish tour. If anyone can confirm the song title and it’s origins we’d love to hear from you. Photo courtesy

The Handicap Bus

Therapy? (1990 Session)

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therapy 1991

Therapy? were formed in 1989 by Andy Cairns (guitar & vocals) and Fyfe Ewing (drums) in Larne, Co Antrim. Michael McKeegan (bass) was added to the band when gigs became a reality and the first single ‘Meat Abstract’ was self released in July 1990. They soon caught the attention of Dave Fanning and John Peel recording a session for RTE in July 1990 and for the BBC in August 1991 and November 1992. They released their first album ‘Pleasure Death’ on Wiija Records in July 1991. In 1993 Andy Cairns co-founded Blunt Records with Dan Oggly. Many thanks to the folk at The Music That Nobody Likes for these Fanning Session tracks.

Reality Fuck (1990)

Innocent X (1990)

Dancin’ With Manson (1990)

Body O.D. (1990)

The Donnelly Brothers (Session)

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Hailing from Belfast and earning but a cryptic entry on the Help Wanted page of the Irish Punk & New Wave Discography. The music however speaks for itself. From a Fanning Session I think Dave decided..

The Donnelly Brothers have a MySpace page and here’s the bio:

The Donnelly Brothers were an indie band from West Belfast who existed between 1985 and 1989. The first line-up was Martin Burns (vocals), Bap McGreevy (lead guitar), Stephen ‘Punker’ McGreevy (bass), Paddy O’Neill (guitar) and Barney Carson (drums). The band played a few gigs around Belfast and made a few demos. Barney and Paddy left after a year to form their own band. A 14-year-old drummer named Ali Donnelly joined along with rhythm guitarist Nick Sadlier. The line-up of Burns, Bap, Punker, Nick and Ali played a few gigs, did a few demos, supported The Wedding Present on tour, played with The Jazz Butcher, The Prisoners and The Charlatans. The band recorded a session for the Dave Fanning Show on RTE in June 1987. It was broadcast twice on the radio station and led to a 2FM tour. The recordings on this page are from that Fanning session. Track three, Clawing at the Sky, is from the first demo in 1986.

Photo courtesy who now have a dedicated page for the band.

Mystery Machine