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The Fountainhead – All Is Red

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From Dublin, one lineup of The Fountainhead according to was Pat O’Donnell (guitar), Steve Belton (guitar), Phil Rennicks (keyboards), Willie Demange (bass/synth) and Peter McKinney (drums). Essentially though the band was a duo around based around Pat O’Donnell and Steve Belton who appear in any publicity photos I’ve seen. This particular track is not listed in the band discography and could be a demo, hopefully a reader can help fill in the blanks.

All Is Red (1986?)

At The Window (White Label Pressing)

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Paul Lehane (left) and Nick Knight

Paul Lehane (left) and Nick Knight

The quality of this particular digitization leaves something to be desired but I hope you won’t mind. If you do please poke me and I’ll see what I can do. These tracks were never released as Phonogram was taken over and had other matters on their mind. Eamonn Lenihan can be heard on RTE Lyric FM where he co-hosts ‘Blue Of The Night‘. Anyone got a band photo featuring all three members of Shannon natives At The Window?

Becky Foster *

State Aid +

A Kind Of Comfort *

Recorded by Ted Page & Colin Richardson at Slaughterhouse Studios, East Yorkshire, 1987/1988

Hits You So Hard +

Somewhere In France (The Waltz) *

Recorded by James Broughton at Von’s, Islington, London, 1989

Nick Knight (guitars)
Paul Lehane (drums)
Eamonn Lenihan (vocals, bass)

Written by * Nick Knight + Eamonn Lenihan
All arrangements At The Window

The Fireflys

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This band came up recently on the Tom Dunne show where The Strypes performed on the Christmas special. Tom mentioned that there was a parental link to The Fireflys so some research was in order, Cavan is decidedly underrepresented on this site so this was as opportunity to rectify that.

According to the Irish Rock Discography, The Fireflys were John Walsh, Barry Walsh, Niall Walsh and Paul Cox (drums). Niall Walsh is indeed manager of The Strypes and father of drummer Evan.

The first clip is a track which is very familiar but which I havent yet placed is a performance of ‘Love Train’ on RTE’s Action Station Saturday.

The second is an RTE Late Late Show performance.

Further details and clarifications are as usual most welcome.

Hothouse Flowers / Fanning’s Fab 50

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Today the Hothouse Flowers explain how to vote in the Fanning Fab 50 or at least how you should have done so back in 1987. As a bonus there is a studio busking version of B side ‘Mountains’. The Hothouse Flowers play Whelan’s on 30th December, their first Dublin date in two years. And by the way voting is open for this year’s Fab50 – more details on the RTE 2fm website. Fiachna Ó Braonáin has of course been busy hosting radio shows on RTE1 and the ‘Poetic Champions Compose‘ series on TodayFM.


Fab 50 Instructions


The Candyshop

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Very few details to be found on this Dublin quartet. The Candyshop were Stephen Robinson (vocals), Dave Dorgan (guitar), Declan Mulligan (bass) and Sean Ryan (drums). Dave Dorgan later formed Candy Apple Red while Ryan was to be found in The Swinging Swine and Honey Thieves. Further details, recordings and photos as always most welcome.

This Town Won’t Drag Me Down

Railway Station’

Power Of Dreams (1989 Session)

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We have already featured the 1991 Power Of Dreams Fanning session but today we have a single track from the band’s 1989 session. Recorded on 24th April 1989 the session featured ‘Mother’s Eyes’, Best Friend’, ‘A Little Piece of God’, ‘Fine Time’ and ‘Angel’. If you have a recording of the remainder of this session we’d love to hear from you. Power Of Dreams reformed in 2010 for a series of shows to honour the 20th anniversary of the release of their debut album, ‘Immigrants, Emigrants And Me’. They released a best of album later that year, called ‘1989 – The Best Of Power Of Dreams‘. There are rumours the second album ‘2 Hell With Common Sense‘ may also receive the 20th anniversary treatment and meanwhile Craig Walker is busy with latest project Mineral, Keith with Being Cool Is Lonely and Ian with Sultans of Ping.

Power Of Dreams (C) Peter Anderson

‘A Little Piece of God’ (1989)

Rocky de Valera & The Rhythm Kings (1981 Session)

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We originally featured Rocky de Valera and The Rhythm Kings eighteen months ago when we posted a track from the band’s 1981 Fanning session. Today we have two further tracks from that very session. The last we heard from Rocky or Ferdia MacAnna as you may know him a band was being assembled for at least one reunion gig. Further details remain elusive but as soon as we have them you’ll be the first to know, meanwhile why not check out Rocky De Valera and the Gravediggers over at

’54-46′ (1981)

‘Ain’t Got No Home’ (1981)


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