Fanning In The News..

The panic station?, Hot Press, 15 April 2002

Rumours that the Dave Fanning sessions were to be dropped have been refuted, although Pete Holidai, one of the producers, did receive a letter thanking him for his contribution, thereby adding fuel to the speculation that the sessions were indeed gone.

However, Ian Wilson is happy to reveal the good news that the sessions will resume at the end of April. “But there will be changes,” he admits. “Instead of getting a band in to do four songs they’ll do three and that should enable us to have more bands in, with maybe two sessions each week. We’ll also place the recordings in different programmes, perhaps Ruth Scott, Jay Ahearn and Dave’s, and we’ll have a much more flexible approach in that some of them might even go out live and some might be acoustic-based.”

Holidai himself will be relieved at this news. As the producer admitted to hotpress: “The 2FM Sessions are a national institution. Nearly every significant band of the past twenty five years has recorded a Fanning Session. It’s a valuable archive and could even be a source of revenue for RTE if they were compiled onto CDs for public sale.”

2FM Comes Of Age, Hot Press, 8 June 2000

2FM is 21! JACKIE HAYDEN and CHRIS DONOVAN provide an overview to the nation’s longest running and most influential music station.

In recent years, Dave Fanning’s boundless energy has seen him present music and film television shows, but his heart still beats loudest for his nightly radio show.

Fanning’s encyclopaedic knowledge and his relentless commitment to new Irish rock talent has given the necessary kick-start to the careers of countless young Irish rockers. When U2 were readying their first single, Fanning’s 2FM listeners were invited to choose the a-side. For years his rock show was the only means whereby a nation of rockers could hear the music of tomorrow rather than that of yesterday.

The live Fanning Sessions have consistently served as an invaluable means of Irish acts gaining recording experience in an environment enriched by the benign attitudes of Fanning himself and producers Ian Wilson and Jim Lockhart. More recently, Pete Holidai has twiddled the knobs to great effect with contemporary acts as varied as Definitely Blue and The Blew.

Many bands have remained generously appreciative of Fanning’s early support, especially U2, who invariably give him first crack when they embark on a round of album or tour-related interviews.


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