Coming Soon? (2013 Edition)

I am a notorious procrastinator and have a long to do list. This page is intended to list some of the posts you can look forward to in the years to come. You can of course engage me in conversation which has a habit of forcing drastic action.

Updated list of Fanning Sessions (anyone at RTE care to help?)
Nick Cave interview – Dave almost loses him but somehow holds on
The Candyshop
Power Of Dreams live at Cork Rocks
1985, 1986, 1987 end of year reviews
Frank & Walters interview
Mark Eitzel interview on Radio Ireland
Eclectic Ballroom with John Kelly on Radio Ireland
Some 2FM Mark Cagney shows
BP Fallon Orchestra on RTE Radio 2
Zerra One Peel Session
Other Irish Peel Sessions
Some complete Mickey’s Monkey shows
More RTE TV music show profiles
David Byrne interview
Belsonic Sound Fanning session (when JimXComet gets round to it)
The Pogues on BPFO
Rory Gallagher interview with Dave Fanning
Madness on BPFO (1985)
Jay Ahern 2FM shows / sessions
No Disco


12 Responses to “Coming Soon? (2013 Edition)”

  1. Can you search the archives for “The Skips” TA!

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks Darren, wheels set in motion as they say 😉

  3. Top draw….bout time someone got those wheels spinning:)))

  4. how about Empty Shell from 1985? I’m sure it’s gone, but it would be nice to see it again!

  5. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Hello Dermot, I had to do some research and this is what I found..

  6. Ah thanks so much – I have this at home on 7″ but haven’t had a record player since 1990 or something, so it’s the first time I’ve heard it in ages! There was a Fanning Session in Jan 1985 with declan farrell on vocals, and that’s a total mystery, may well stay that way! Great work on the site! Dermot

  7. Rubyhorse anyone ???

  8. Blue Angels Blow EP, Blue Angels, Blue In Heaven, Supernaut (Shane O’Neill / Dave Long) ???

  9. Cork Lark By The Lee ….

  10. I did Fanning sessions with three different bands…The Riordans (which you have…I have the missing track Glee)…plus Mexican Pets, and a band called Wheel, whcih is one I’d love to hear again as I have no copy.
    Cheers and well done
    Pat Clafferty

  11. Denis Woods Says:

    BP Fallon show in 1985 on Frankie goes to hollywood?.Could also be late 1984.

  12. Jonathan Merriman Says:

    any chance of 1 or both of Exit 4 fanning sessions

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