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Real Mayonnaise (1981 Demo)

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Real Mayonnaise

This demo tape recording is quite the find. Two of the tracks later appeared in 1986 as a single in rerecorded form and can be found here but the other two are new discoveries. Real Mayonnaise were Dave “Skully” Sullivan (organ), Dave Rudd (drums) and Jerry Buckley (bass, cello). Corrections, clarifications and memories as always most welcome. Thank you kindly to the archivist who dug this one out. Just spotted that Real Mayonnaize are now on facebook and have posted 3 tracks from this tape which they call the Gerard O’Leary Sessions on soundcloud. Incidentally Skully was recently the subject of an hour long UCC 98.3FM radio documentary looking at his career with Métisse produced by Mark McAvoy author of ‘Cork Rock‘).

Horizontal Nightmare (1981)
Being Polite (1981)

Verta-Ray (1993 Demo)

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vertra ray demo cassette

Verta-Ray was a short-lived band based in Dublin. The lineup featured Brian Murray (vocals), Ian Beesley (guitar), Joey Wilson (bass) and Bryan McMahon (drums), The band recorded a 3-track demo in 1993 featuring; ‘What Are You Waiting For’, ‘You Don’t Understand Me And I Know That You Never Will’ and ‘If Not Now Then When?’. Joey and Bryan would later go on to form the much loved Future Kings Of Spain. Thanks to Pat Barrett and for the bio and Jamesomcm for the photo.

“Verta-Ray (named after Matt Verta Ray from Madder Rose) Recorded in July 24/25 1993 in Sun. Our first time in a studio. Lorcan Cousins on the desk. He told us Lee Ranaldo was in the day previously. Could’ve been a spoof. It impressed us anyway. We’d no idea what we were doing. We were 9 months old. Our first band etc. It cost a small fortune; we were 4 full time students! Peter Collins (filling in for Dave) gave it the first spin. Jim Lockhart called us later offering a Fanning Session. February 1994 the first on their new 24 track desk. We thought we’d “made it”. We hadn’t.”

Anyone got the 1994 Fanning Session?

verta-ray – ‘what are you waiting for’ (1993)