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An Emotional Fish (1989 Session)

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Formed in 1988, An Emotional Fish were Ger Whelan (vocals), Enda Wyatt (bass, keyboards), David Frew (guitars) and Martin Murphy (drums). Martin Murphy sadly passed away in 2017. The band released 3 albums, ‘An Emotional Fish’, Junk Puppets’ and ‘Sloper’. Ger Whelan continues to perform as Jerry Fish & The Mudbug Club. A big thank you to Dan Hegarty & Ian Wilson for digging out this 1989 session for Dave Fanning. Be sure to tune to Dan’s show this Sunday at 11pm on 2fm when he talks to Steve Murray on the 25th anniversary of the release of Rollerskate Skinny’s opus ‘Horsedrawn Wishes’.

Anyway (1989)
All Night Long (1989)
Hallelujah, Love & Stuff (1989)
Strange Things (1989)

JJ72 (1998 Session)

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jj72 examiner

JJ72 were formed in 1996 by Mark Greaney (vocals, guitar) and Fergal Matthews (drums). They were later joined by Hilary Woods (bass). They released albums in 2000 and 2002 and a third was recorded but never released at which point the band called it a day. On Tuesday 9th February Dan Hegarty revisited their 1998 Fanning session featuring all four tracks ‘Oxegen’, ‘Undercover Angel’, ‘October Swimmer’ and ‘Bumble Bee’. The show is available on the RTE radio player here (link to 2XM repeat on 10th Feb). Hilary Woods is a critically acclaimed solo artist releasing two albums in 2020.

A House (1997 Session)

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We didn’t know there was a 1997 Fanning session by A House so were very pleasantly surprised when Dan Hegarty gave it a long overdue outing on his show last night. Recorded just before the band broke up it features new versions of one song from each of the first 4 albums. We hope Dan plays the fourth track ‘Violent Love’ at some point and will update this post if he does. If you haven’t already checked it out we recommend Fergal Bunbury‘s latest musical project FBU62.

Endless Art
I Want To Be Allowed To Love You

13 Wonderful Songs

Bedroom Convention (1992 Demo)

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bedroom convention

“the most original band in Cork”
Shane Fitzsimons, Rockfile, 23 July 1992

Hailing from Cork, Bedroom Convention were Hilary Coughlan (vocals), Eoghan Horgan (keyboards), Louis Lovett (sax), Dave Fenton (drums). Thanks to Cork Zine Archive for the cassette and Robin James for the reminder and band details. Hilary features on a track from the most recent Boa Morte album ‘Before There Was Air‘.

Bedroomish Convention

Enjoy The Sun

April Showers