The Housemartins – Dave Fanning Interview (1986)

the housemartins

Paul Heaton has been posting some old photos of The Housemartins and that reminded us of this interview which shockingly we had never posted. The band were in Ireland for a tour which took in The Bridge (Waterford), Horans (Tralee), Queens University (Belfast) and the evening of this interview on Oct 17th the Olympic Ballroom (Dublin). The audio quality at times is not the best but hopefully it is still an enjoyable listen. Thank you stilpix for sharing.

3 Responses to “The Housemartins – Dave Fanning Interview (1986)”

  1. Thanks for the post, but I’m not seeing the link to the interview?

  2. Any chance your browser might be blocking the embedded audio? It’s on mixcloud here

  3. The links on other posts show up OK so not sure it’s the browser. Anyway, thanks for the mixcloud link. Had that interview on a cassette years ago, fun to hear it again.

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