Blaze X (1981)

blaze x mill

From Tuam, Co Galway, Blaze X were Paul Cunniffe (guitar & vocals), Davy Carton (guitar & vocals), Jarlath Keating (bass) and Paul Ralph (drums). In 1980 they released a single ‘Some Hope‘ and later that year supported U2 at Leisureland. Following the demise of Blaze X in 1981, Paul Cunniffe was active as a solo artist until his tragic death in 2001. A posthumous album ‘Excuse My Accent’ is available on Spotify and a short documentary can be found here. Davy Carton is now a member of The Saw Doctors who recorded their own version of ‘I Used To Love Her’. Fellow Saw Doctor Leo Moran’s recent appearance on RTE Radio 1 show ‘Songs in my Head‘, where he fondly remembers the excitement of the Blaze X days, prompted today’s post. Thanks to Jamie Ralph for the photos and tracks.

4 Responses to “Blaze X (1981)”

  1. Tuam was the capital of Punk in Galway,You had this lot producing great melodic punk and pop punk,and Black Revolver or Revolvers doing oi and streetpunk-something you’d be very hard up to find a band doing in Dublin today-with one or two exceptions.Wouldnt it be great to unearth some more stuff FROM both outfits??

  2. just heard the recorded tracks,I used to love her in it’s punk magnicence,and the other tracks as good as any of the 80’s second wave melodic punk bands across the water-CLASS!!!!

  3. leftofthedialray Says:

    Fantastic! They sound great. The Saw Doctors used to have a Blaze X cd on the website, but it’s sold out. I’d like to get my hands on it.

  4. Must keep an eye out for that CD!

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