Aidan McCarthy / Romeo Butcher (1981)

We recently took possession, on loan, of a number of tapes, DATs and minidiscs belonging to the esteemed Cork sound engineer Dennis Herlihy who died in September. Dennis was well known for his work with Sir Henry’s and the Triskel and was at the helm recording many great Irish bands such as Light A Big Fire, Belsonic Sound and Power Of Dreams. We hope to compile a comprehensive list in due course.

This first recording from his archive is one of the earliest, dated February 1981. Labelled Aiden McCarthy we didn’t immediately recognise it but some comments on Facebook soon set us straight. Aidan featured in a number of Cork bands; Berzerk, The Kidz, Romeo Butcher and according to Ricky Dineen in the Paul McDermott Oral History played a role in the formation of Nun Attax. One further band fronted by Aidan was Adolf Grunt who as it happens featured Dennis Herlihy on guitar..

dennis herlihy tribute

On Wednesday November 20th in the Crane Lane, Cork there will be a tribute concert for Dennis. Artists performing include The Service, Dizzy Blues Band, Hank Wedel and John Doherty of Little Hours. Doors are at 8.30pm and entry is free.

4 Responses to “Aidan McCarthy / Romeo Butcher (1981)”

  1. vinyljunkierf Says:

    Thanks for that piece. Looking forward to hearing the tapes.

  2. thanks for putting me onto this,a true punk I the melodic,fast,loud and snotty sense.Proper punK rawwk!!

  3. just heard piece on him and music,def punK and def melodic on compilation if happening,Great find by the way,Factor Fiction were good too.

  4. Gary Hartnett Says:

    Die and Confusion were written by Aidan. The band was Romeo Butcher. The band included Kieran Kennedy on guitar and Gary Hartnett on drums. Cant remember the bass player.The demo was recorded in Bill Russels studio in Cork. RIP Aidan and Linda………….

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