Grasshopper (1995)

grasshopper - stupid

Grasshopper were a 4 piece featuring Brian Adams (guitar), Acko Atkinson (vocals, guitar), Dan Simperingham (bass) and Peter Murphy (drums). They released 3 singles, ‘Disapeer’, ‘Stupid!’ and ‘Harrington Street’ and a video for a fourth track ‘Sound As A Pound‘ can be found on YouTube. They recorded a Fanning session but we have no details. Peter Murphy’s latest project Cursed Murphy versus The Resistance have an upcoming show at Wexford Arts Festival on October 10th. As usual all corrections most welcome.

Stupid! (1995)

4 Responses to “Grasshopper (1995)”

  1. Yes it was Peter Murphy on Drums. Acko Atkinson was the lead singer, and Dan Simperingham played bass, I think!

  2. Thanks, have updated post!

  3. I vaguely remember having Sound as a Pound on some format – might it have been a b-side?

  4. Sound as a pound was a B-side on Harrington Street. Had it back then, can’t find it now though. Amazing songs both of them.

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