Radiators ‘Ghostown’ preview (1979)

Radiators - Ghostown reissue event

On June 9th 1979, Philip Chevron visited Dave Fanning at RTE to preview ‘Ghostown’ the second album by The Radiators. Produced by Tony Visconti this album was to prove a leap musically for the Dublin band but the release had been delayed by a year. Now some 40 years later the album has been reissued in a special edition by Ace Records. A special launch event takes place on August 30th at The Underground featuring a Q&A with Pete Holidai and a live performance of a selection of tracks from the album. Thanks to John Byrne for the recording.

One Response to “Radiators ‘Ghostown’ preview (1979)”

  1. gerry molyneaux Says:

    pal put me onto this link just to say in terms of melodic pUnk this band and their descendants Trouble Pilgrims were and are top of the pile and together with The vIPerS proved Belfast wasn’t the only part of this country where the spirit of ’76 kicked forward…and the early Rats too.

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