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‘The Curious Works of Roger Doyle’ (2018)

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curious works roger doyle

We recently had the pleasure of attending a screening of Brian Lally‘s documentary about the life and work of composer Roger Doyle. The film was preceeded by a 10 minute performance by Roger accompanying himself on film performing ‘Wassane’ in Beijing in 2012. The documentary was followed by host Don O’Mahony‘s Q&A with Roger and Brian. ‘The Curious Works of Roger Doyle’ takes the viewer through Roger’s career from his studies to the formation of the band Operating Theatre and his soundtrack work on Bob Quinn’s ‘Budawanny‘ and Cathal Black’s ‘Pigs‘ and features interviews with among others, both directors.  The doc also features a number of items from the RTE Archives including excerpts from a Bob Quinn TV documentary looking at a day in the life of Roger Doyle. One impressive segment was a performance of ‘Coat-Hanger Kisses‘ featuring a virtuoso answering machine message from Jonathan Philman-Bowman. The documentary shows Roger posting off CDs from his extensive back catalogue which we note includes a number of original copies of an Operating Theatre single on Mother Records. On a related note, Roger was a recent guest on John Kelly’s ‘Mystery Train‘ where Roger spoke to John and chose the music.