Grand (2001 Session)

grand 2fm session

Grand were a Cork 5 piece / 8 piece featuring Conor O’Toole (vocals & guitar), Tomás Mulcahy (keyboards), Colm O’Sullivan (bass), Niamh O’Shea (drums & vocals) and Johnny Richardson (guitar), with Lorcan MacMuiris (trumpet), Louise O’Flynn (cello) & Catríona Ohora (violin). They recorded a 2fm session (produced by Pete Holidai) in May 2001 from which we have one sole track, the missing songs are ‘Brains’, ‘Dancehall Act’ and ‘I Could be The One’. Conor was also a member of The Orange Fettishes who have yet to feature (hint, hint). The debut Grand album (2000) can be found on bandcamp and is well worth an investment. Conor’s UCC 98.3FM radio show ‘The Underground of Happiness‘ is also an excellent listen.

Groggy Ceann (2001)

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