The Foremen (1988 Demo)

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The Foremen were Simon Crosbie (rhythm guitar & vocals), John McCann (lead guitar & vocals), Eoin O’Broin (bass & vocals) and Gavin Buckley (drums). Recorded in Sun Studios, this 3 track demo was enginerered and produced by Pat Dunne in August 1988. Design was by Neil Bryden. The tape is from the Pat O’Mahony collection and was requested by Ciarán.

Pittsburgh (1988)
No Comebacks (1988)
Halloween Cafe (1988)

5 Responses to “The Foremen (1988 Demo)”

  1. Paul Duffy Says:

    Do you have contact details for Pat Dunne ..worked with him in 84 in Litton lane ..hoping he might have a copy ? This was with Noel Kenehan Honor Heffernan and Keith Donald

  2. Afraid we don’t but someone reading this might..

  3. John McCann Says:

    Hi Great to see this. If there is anyone still monitoring this site, The Foremen guitar player was John McCann. I suspect ‘b’ is dangerously close to ‘n’ on the keyboard. Any chance of an update to secure the legacy of a fun filled well spent youth ?

  4. My apologies John, fixed now!😳

  5. John McCann Says:

    Thanks so much for the fix and for having this whole archive. Its fantastic

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