The Hujiwallas (1993 Demo)

Pat Kelleher and Mick Lynch

The Hujiwallas were a short lived project featuring Pat Kelleher (vocals, bass), Ricky Dineen (guitars), Wally Desmond (pipes) and Sandra Farrell (additional vocals). They recorded a demo in Coad Mountain studio Caherdaniel, Co Kerry in 1993 engineered/produced by Simon Taylor. Pat performed the vocals but the intention was to eventually find another singer. Pat of course was previously a member of Mean Features. The above photo taken by Murphy Kie at a Finbarr Donnelly remembrance gig features Pat with Mick Lynch of Stump, both men now sadly lost to cancer. With thanks to Ricky Dineen.

Well Hello (1993)

Meet Rover (1993)

Hairy Molly (1993)

Ballygowan (1993)

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