Fab 50 vs Festive 50 – 2017 Readers Poll?


It’s that time of the year again, where we moan about how Fanning’s Fab 50 isn’t what it used to be. John Peel had the right idea with the Festive 50 – choose 3 favourite tracks released in the past year. We’d love to hear Dave play a show of his favourite tracks of the year. Anyway if the readers of a certain blog were to email, tweet or facebook their top 3 we could come up with our own Festive 50 to be published round about when Dave breaks out the eggnog. Anyone up for it?

5 Responses to “Fab 50 vs Festive 50 – 2017 Readers Poll?”

  1. vinyljunkierf Says:

    Anyone that isn’t, stand in the corner at the back of the room. How many Cypress Mine tracks will make the top 50 .

  2. Instant Polaroid – The Trouble Pilgrims

  3. The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness – The National

    Holding On – The War on Drugs

    It’s the Little Things That Give You Away – U2

    Same as my Fab 50 picks, all 2017 🙂

  4. vinyljunkierf Says:

    1 The Nearest Exit by Memory Drawings
    2 Fanthesia by Conor Walsh ( not commercially released so may not qualify )
    3 Sky’s Grey. by Destroyer
    2 (b) Deep Dream by Lali Puna

  5. Mike Wright Says:

    Having just read through this year’s list, I must say I’m struggling to comprehend how it came to be. It is what it is, I guess, but I come from an era when 11 O’clock Tick Tock won every year, Stairway To Heaven appeared somewhere, along with Love Will Tear Us Apart, and a few new-comers would stick their oar in.

    Damn, I feel old.

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